When it comes to running the Android Apps on PC, the first and most likely name that comes to mind is BlueStacks.

BlueStacks has been the standard for PC Android emulators for a long time now and users know that and keep it interesting with their updates. However, the solo run for BlueStacks seems to be over as BlueStacks now has competition in the new app Andy. Well, with these two Android apps on PC setting foot on the scene, let’s quickly compare them to see which might suit the users better.

  1. Set Up & Use

 BlueStacks: Setting up and using BlueStacks is amazingly easy. Users don’t have to be a techie to use it. All that’s needed to be done is downloading the app, installing it and running it. Inside the BlueStacks window, users can browse through various Android apps on PC and can access them at the bar on top.

Andy: Even though Andy is not as simple as BlueStacks, it is not rocket science either. Downloading and installing the app is easy. Once the app is started, it runs almost exactly like any app on the Android phone or tablet. 

  1. Productivity

BlueStacks: BlueStacks doesn’t run regular Android apps on PC as smoothly as it runs gaming apps. No productivity app is on recommendation, so users have to go on and search for one and then they have to face tremendous amount of lagging even while searching for regular productivity apps. However, if the productivity app is very light, BlueStacks can run it smoothly.

 Andy: Andy has a higher version of Android than BlueStacks and that enables higher app compatibility. Moreover, apps load quickly on Andy and there is barely any lag. It provides a more rounded experience. It’s also pretty handy and it can run apps like Hangout. A third party launcher can provide notifications over Andy and it even allows the use of widgets!

  1. Gaming

 BlueStacks: As pointed out above, BlueStacks concentrates more on gaming apps rather than regular Android apps on PC. Hence, it’s no surprise that the games run fairly well. The recommended games run faster and the ones that are not recommended can also be downloaded from Google Play. But they tend to run a tad slower.

 Andy: Andy can play games pretty smoothly. In fact, in some cases it plays games better than BlueStacks. This is especially true for network based games as the games load faster on Andy. Andy is a little behind BlueStacks in gaming, that is, Andy doesn’t allow your device to be used a remote to play the gaming Android apps on PC while BlueStacks allows it with wired controller.

Overall, BlueStacks is a very simple application to run specific Android apps on PC. There are not too many additional options. However, one can sync it with their Android device. On the other hand, Andy is much advanced, in the sense that it runs exactly like a phone. It is very customizable with lot to choose from custom wallpapers, launchers, icon packs, widgets, etc.

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