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Google Now Free Download And Improve Your Android Experience


Google Now is similar to Apple’s Siri, being a personal assistant that analyzes the user’s behavior, collects information and then it predicts what the user would want and makes recommendations. Also, it answers questions and performs other actions such as summarizing your calendar, giving travel directions and estimating arrival times, recommending restaurants based on your location, providing weather alerts and checking your Gmail account. This service, which was launched on July 9 2012, has some limitations, though.

Soon, this will change, because Aparna Chennapragada, director of product management for Google Now, said that the service will open its application programming interface to developers and the users will get all the information with the applications more simplified, through Google Now. At the moment, there are 40 applications in a pilot program and more applications will be added too to improve the Google Now experience. Let’s make an exercise of imagination and order food or be notified that your favorite band just released a new album. With only one tap, this will be possible. You will no longer have to install other applications to find out the results of your MLB team, because Google Now will provide all this information.

Clever and not to mention useful to every Android user who will get notifications from Google Now instead of checking information manually from every application they install on their smartphones. Google Now will display information after studying the user actions and after analyzing their meaning and connections, will offer suggestions for these areas: activity summary (walking/cycling), boarding pass, concerts, currency, events, fandango, flights, friends’ birthdays, hotels, location reminders, movies, nearby attractions, nearby events, nearby photo spots, news topic, parking location, product listing, public transit, sports, traffic and transit, weather, website update, zillow etc.

When you don’t like certain notifications in your feed, swipe cards and if you want to block them from the feed altogether, use the “…” icon you’ll see above them. Now imagine Google Now elimination the need to open applications altogether, by creating a timely, simplified list of services containing all the information you need to know.

WIRED talked to a Google spokesperson which said that the company intends to “add more cards and open the API to developers over time”, and even if developers sign up now, they’ll have to wait until Google will open the API. But the plans are to make Google Now more than a simple personal assistant.