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WhatsApp Free Download Latest APK on Nokia Lumia 510, 520, 535 and 630


Installing WhatsApp on a Nokia Lumia 510, 520, 535 or 630 device can be quite easy. There are two ways to install this application on any of the devices and the simples method to install the application is by using the Windows App Store. All the Nokia Lumia phones that we’ve mentioned above will run WhatsApp without any problem at all.

Installing WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 510, 520, 535 and 630 from the Windows Phone Store

First of all, you will have to open Windows App Store and search for WhatsApp. After the store finds the WhatsApp application, you will have to tap on it to start the installation. This will get you to the WhatsApp setup screen, so just follow the screen prompts and agree with the terms of use, to complete the installation. After that, you will need to use your mobile phone number to get your WhatsApp account verified.

Installing WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 510, 520, 535 and 630 from the official WhatsApp official website

The second method to install WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 510, 520, 353 and 630 is by downloading the application from the official WhatsApp website. To do this, simply search for “WhatsApp” on Google and head to the official WhatsApp website. Once you get to the official WhatsApp web page, click on the download button and select the Windows Phone and then tap on the download button to start downloading the WhatsApp application on your device. Keep in mind that you may need to log into your Windows App Store to download the file.

In case the installation fails with the error code 80070490, then WhatsApp is not compatible with your device. Another possible reason of this error is that you don’t have enough free space on your device. In case you don’t have enough room, we suggest you to uninstall unused applications to free up some space and try again.

If after installing WhatsApp you can’t log into your WhatsApp account, then you may have some issues with the internet connection. Keep in mind that WhatsApp uses a non-HTTP socket connection so by turning off any WAP only features may solve this issue. Keep in mind that in case the weather is bad, the signal may not be as strong as how it is when it’s sunny and that will mess up with your internet connection.

If the problem persists, we suggest you to uninstall WhatsApp and install it back and try again.