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Apple 12-inch MacBook Speculations – Release Date, Cost and Main Features of the Thinnest MacBook


In the Spring Forward event on March 9, Apple has introduced (rather recycled) the name MacBook for its new line of devices.

While the line-up of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro will continue, the latest offering simply named “MacBook” is the thinnest Mac produced by the leading American gadget-producing company till date. This scintillating offering has gained the attention of millions of potential gadget-lovers and is creating a huge buzz in the market. If you are looking for some imperative information about the thinnest MacBook, please read on!

Primary features

Apple has always managed to convince its users through the features and specifications of its offerings. The American company continues the trend by providing a range of creative and unique features in the thinnest MacBook.

The new MacBook comes with a 12-inch Retina display, having edge-to-edge cover. The display glass of this device is just 0.88 mm thick and comes with 16:10 aspect ratio. Though you can find similar offerings in the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, the glass thickness is the least in the new MacBook. When it comes to resolution, the latest Apple device features a resolution of 2304×1440 pixels. This presents an appreciable platform for viewing videos, texts and documents.

As the new MacBook is very thin, it uses the Type-C USB port as the primary connectivity and charging option. There is only one Type-C USB port in a MacBook, meaning that you need to charge as well as insert the video output port into the sole port. Though the size of this reversible USB connector is smaller than a standard USB port, the port has the capability to transfer data at 10 GBPS.

Apple has introduced an innovative design and functionality of trackpad. Known as the Force Touch Trackpad, the pad present in this device has a usual glass surface. A major turn on of this trackpad is the Taptic Engine functionality. This technology is also offered in the Apple Watch and is preferably useful for feedback. The sensors located in the trackpad are pressure sensitive; which means that it measures the force of your click before functioning. A light touch and a force click would execute different functions, as configured. For example, if you press the pad hard, while running Finder, a file preview will appear on the screen.

Release Date

There were rumors in the market that the latest MacBook will be unveiled after the launch of the Apple Watch. Surprisingly, Tim Cook announced that the 12-inch MacBook will be available in the market from the 10th of April. Additionally, you will have to visit an online store or an authorized outlet to purchase this MacBook.


The 12-inch, ultra-thin MacBook will hit the market in two versions. The standard 1.1 GHz Core M processor with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage version will cost £1049. However, if you opt for the more powerful, 1.2 GHz Core M processor and 512 GB storage edition, you will need to spend an additional £250 on the MacBook.