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Using the Gmail Free Download App on Your Apple Smartphone


With the popularity of Gmail increasing day by day, Google has taken the effort for its wonderful service to be made available not just online but also as an app designed for smartphones and tablets.

Needless to say, this app is available for either free download or a nominal fee on almost all smart devices irrespective of the operating systems they function on. Although Android users often receive app updates earlier than the other users, the iOS users do not find themselves far behind. Thus, they will also be able to receive the updates regularly.

Setting Up Gmail on Your iPhone

Like on any smartphone, the setting up process is very simple and straightforward. All that you need to do is a two-step process. Open your app store and search for the Gmail app. Once you have located the app, just select the Install option. The installation will get started and you will be done with it in a few minutes. When the installation is over, you will most often see the Gmail icon on your home screen. Use a long tap on the icon and you will be asked for your login credentials.

As soon as you have logged in, you will be able to view your Gmail inbox with all the mail. At the top left corner, you will notice three parallel lines. When you press on this, the list of other folders associated with your Gmail account is displayed. These include Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts and more. You will also find your email ID displayed above these parallel lines. When you press on this, you will be directed to another screen with an option to add another account. Like the earlier Gmail account, just provide your email ID and password followed by a press on the Sign in button. You can add as many accounts as you wish using this simple step.

To receive notifications of incoming emails, you will have to make a small change to your iPhone’s settings. Choose Settings on the home screen and tap on Notification Center (or Notifications in the latest iOS version). Select the Gmail option and set your notification preferences accordingly.

Making Gmail Your Default Email Option

This can come in handy if you prefer the Gmail app over the default Mail app already available in your iPhone. A little manipulation of your smartphone’s settings does the trick. In the Settings screen, select the Mail, Contacts and Calendars option and include your Gmail account. To do the inclusion, you will have to give your email ID and password. After this is done, choose the Gmail option under the Fetch New Data setting. The Fetch preference is set by default. You have to change this to Manual. This way the Mail app gets linked to the Gmail app. However, to receive your Gmail emails on the Mail app, tap this icon to make this connection. All emails that come to your Gmail account after this connection will be displayed on the Mail app icon and not the Gmail icon. But, when you send any email from this app, it will go through your Gmail account.

It is important to note that your Mail app can be configured to link with only one Gmail account at a time.