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Temple Run 2 Free Download – A Worthy Successor to the Addictive Temple Run


Temple Run is a game which has captured the attention of one and all, like very few gaming apps did.

It is an extremely popular game, which has been liked by people of all ages. So when the news broke that Temple Run 2 would be launched, there were huge expectations from its fans. Temple Run 2 is the successor to one of the most popular running games for mobile phones and tabs. Fortunately, it came up with great features to be called a worthy successor.

• The Path – The controls of Temple Run 2 are very similar to Temple Run. The player has to swipe to run, turn and jump as the player explores the floating forest. However, there is a difference. In the new version, the player is no longer limited to 90 degrees turns. The player’s path has many dips, rises and jogs that make the game more visually appealing than the original game. The player is also provided with a few modes of transportation. There are zip lines that the player can use to speed down and there is also a mine cart section which allows the player to ride fast over rails underground while the player can lean left and right.

• Graphics – Probably the biggest change that one can notice from the earlier version to Temple Run 2 is the upgrade of the game’s graphic design. Even though the player is frantically trying to navigate his way through the twisting paths, one cannot help but notice the great looking visuals. The fire hazards that keep the player on his toes and the rotating grinders are some of the obstacles that have been added to this version of the game. These obstacles look very realistic, thanks to the amazing graphics. One has to jump over or slide under these obstacles to stay in the game.

• Characters – In this game, there are four different characters that the player can unlock. All these characters have their distinct special abilities and upgrade paths. Powerups, such as the magnet that sucks coins towards the player, the shield that temporarily makes the player invincible or the green gems that allow the player to run even after a death have been added to Temple Run 2. Such powerups make the game more interesting and add a whole new feel.

• Gem Purchases – Although Temple Run 2 is free, yet the player who is willing to spend money can continue as far as he wants by buying the gems through in-app purchases. This gives an advantage, to those who are willing to spend more money, in topping the leader boards.

Overall Temple Run 2 is an excellent game and a worthy successor to the game with better graphics, more path variation, new obstacles and many powerups. However a noticeable drawback is that one needs to buy gems to continue this game unlimitedly. If one enjoys running mobile games, then Temple Run 2 is a must have game.