Microsoft’s latest announcement comes as a real surprise because the company is not only providing Windows 10 as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 genuine users, but for those who are using pirated copies of the operating system as well.

In a statistics, the company confirmed that countries like Brazil, China and India which has the largest population has been using the torrent copies of their operating system. Windows is the most popular OS for every user around the globe unlike Macintosh which is popular only in North America.

However, due to cost, people consider pirating the software and using crack codes to access them in the specified countries. Microsoft is aiming to get rid of piracy by offering free upgrade to every user who is running any version of Windows.

Qualified Windows PCs

In their press statement, Microsoft said, “Anyone who is running any version of Windows operating system on a qualified device will be freely upgraded to Windows 10 without any additional cost. The objective is to allow users to experience the benefits of using a licensed software. Once they get to know the value of paying for the programs, we believe that a large group of the audience would consider renewing their program in the following year.”

While it is not sure how this could stop piracy completely, allowing free copies of the OS on every computer would definitely allow the company to make sure the entire world uses legitimate copies of the software for at least a year. Finally, at the end of this free period even if ten percent of the piracy population decides to pay for it, it would be a huge revenue boost and will reduce illegal copies of program from circulating.

Cheap Licensing Options

Rumors also suggest that Microsoft has different plans for Windows 10 when it launches this summer. The program will not be priced the same on release date because the developers have realized that different countries have different types of users. They will most probably launch multiple versions of the operating system in countries like China, India and Brazil.

More affordable version of the OS is also expected to be unveiled for the first time in 2015 so as to stop piracy and encourage majority of users to move to a legitimate version of the program. It will be only a month or two before the launch takes places.

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