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Facebook Messenger Free Download vs. Viber – Best IM for Android and iOS Devices


Numerous applications have emerged today and rather than come to the users’ rescue, the number of these apps has instead overwhelmed the common user.

Facebook Messenger and Viber are just but two of the dozens of instant messaging applications available for free download and installation on both Android and iOS devices.

If you are using any of these two operating systems, you probably must be wondering which app to download for your IM needs. Messenger and Viber are two of the best there are. However, it is sometimes very hard to carry on with all of them on your phone, especially for iPhone users who have limited storage space on their devices that cannot be expanded.

Facebook Messenger free download and Viber free download are two very different apps.However, they have their own lines of similarities as well. This is more so because both of them are basically used for the same purpose of instant messaging.

Connecting with Facebook Messenger and Viber users

As the name suggests, Facebook is the owner of Facebook Messenger. This application is as a result of Facebook and as such, it is used to communicate with Facebook users. This application was launched in 2012 but since Facebook already has more than 1 billion users registered, this Messenger app has already racked up more than 500 million downloads. Using this app, you can send and receive messages and files as well as make free voice calls to those using the app.

You will also get the same functions with Viber, where you can also send and receive messages as well as files. Viber free download also lets users make free calls between themselves, just like with the case of Facebook Messenger. However, the major difference here is that while Viber allows users to connect with other people not using the app at a very affordable price, Facebook Messenger users must keep their communication within the network.

What this means is that while Facebook Messenger will let you access a wider range of users, Viber on the other hand will provide you with greater scope. Better still, not everyone using Facebook has been able to download Messenger just yet.

Functionality of Messenger vs. Viber free download

Viber free download is better placed when talking of functionality. One way this can be justified is the easy and simple process of installing Viber. Furthermore, this application has an amazing syncing capability between phones, tablets and PCs. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger can still be said to have an easy installation and setup process. However, you must first of all be using Facebook in order to sign into Messenger, which is quite a cumbersome process if you want to use the app and you are not on Facebook.

Another aspect of functionality is that while Viber can be installed on a PC, Facebook Messenger will require the use of an emulator like BlueStacks in order to install it on a PC.

Features of Facebook Messenger vs. Viber free download

Features are what keep users glued to an app and this is one area in which both apps are well equipped. As previously indicated, you can make calls on both apps, send messages as well as share photos using the same apps. While Facebook Messenger is equipped with more features of an IM, Viber is more of a VoIP app, offering users more VoIP services and less of IM. Better still, the service you get on Viber when exchanging voice, video, text and photo messages is exceptional.

Both applications offer their services for free regardless of your location. However, the Facebook Messenger app is not equipped with video messaging capability.

Bottom line

Viber free download and Facebook Messenger are exceptional applications for use on both iOS and Android devices. With both of them on almost same levels as far as performance, features and functionality is concerned, the choice of which app is the best comes down to your own preference. While you might not be able to get all the features that Viber offers on Messenger or get all that Messenger offers on Viber, you can still decide to install both applications and get the most out of their communication features.