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Temple Run 2 vs. Subway Surfers Free Download – Never Get Bored Ever Again


Difference in Actions – Difficulty Level

When you play Subway Surfers, you have to mainly focus on one action, swiping the finger. In case the path is semi curved, it is possible to view the trains or the obstacles that have to be faced from a distance. This makes it easier to plan your moves and it is much easier to survive in Subway Surfers. On the other hand, in case of Temple Run, the original game, as well as Temple Run 2, the sequel, you need to do a bit of tilting. The tilting has to be done for collecting coins and for getting boosters present on the right and the left of the path. The player is always on a single path and has to pick these coins by tilting the device. Since you actually need to take the left turn or the right turn, it can be quite difficult to view the obstacles or anything else coming in your path.

The controls are easy to handle in Subway Surfer and the paths are proper. However, in Temple Run 2, you might get frustrated as you can die and lose the score even if it is not your fault.

Choosing Characters and Other Features in Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 offers you four types of characters from which you can choose. Each of these four characters comes with different types of abilities and capabilities. There are coins to be collected and, in addition, there are also gems, which are the currency within the game. The gems are very useful in the game, as they will assist you and prevent you from dying. In addition to coins and gems, you will also have to complete various missions and achieve objectives in order to cross a level. You can also use real currency for purchasing certain boosters, but these are not mandatory, as you can also play the game without spending anything. The abilities offered in the game are in the form of boosting the distance, pickup spawn and coin value. It also has various power ups, such as coin bonuses or shields for boosting the game. However, the time for which the ability lasts will depend on the character. In case you buy a duration increase, the ability applies only to the specific character for which you bought it.

Subway Surfers Extra Features

You can also change characters in Subway Surfers. There are many items available in the shop and you can use the in game currency coins for buying hoverboards and mystery boxes and so on. You will also be tasked with various missions as well as goals that are to be achieved to cross the level. The game also has interesting power ups, such as coin magnets or jet packs. You can also buy shoes for jumping over the trains. With the use of the in app currency, you can enhance the lasting power or time of the power up. These powerups can be purchased for the different characters in the game.


Subway Surfers is a fun and light game, whereas Temple Run 2 is a more serious game. Subway Surfers offers colorful graphics and is full of vibrancy and life. It is fun to play this game and you will surely not get bored of the game. The graphics keep changing along with the police officer. On the other hand, Temple Run 2 comes with some amazing graphics, with the environment reminiscent of an Indian Jones type of setting. Temple Run came out much before Subway Surfers and it also has a sequel, which speaks for itself, showing the popularity of the game.

Finally, it all boils down to personal opinions and preferences. Both the games bring excellent features and powerups, interesting environments and characters.