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Viber Free Calling Download – No More Calling and Messaging using Telecom Carriers


Viber is one of the many apps that have been causing havoc in the telecom industry.

Today, these companies have turned out to be providers of data services since people no longer depend on them to make calls and send messages.Instead, they use Viber and other instant messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Line and WeChat for the same purpose.

Viber is a leading provider of both instant messaging and VoIP services. This app has more than 460 million users spread across more than 230 countries around the world. Using this application, it is possible to make free voice and video calls to any person using the app. You can also do the same with voice, video, text as well as picture messages.

While it is possible to make free calls, both voice and video, from one Viber user to another Viber user, the same is not possible in the case of only one Viber user. When calling a non-Viber user, you will be charged since the call is not within the network. However, these charges are very nominal and you must subscribe to the ViberOut feature in order to access these calls. Using this feature, you will be able to buy Viber credits from the official Viber website and using this credit, you can make very affordable calls to any non-user of the app.

Buying Viber credits from the app website

By using the ViberOut feature, you have more scope than any other messenger. It is now possible to contact any person and not just those using the app. This is regardless of the location of these people. Using this feature will save you a lot as it is much cheaper to use than going for telecom carriers to make international calls.

To make these calls, you must first purchase Viber credits in packages that suit your needs. After buying credits, it will be loaded to your account and whenever you make a ViberOut call, this credit will be deducted according to the destination of the call. The charges levied on these calls are dependent on the distance between the caller and the recipient, the destination and other factors. For instance, making calls to any U.S. landline is free using Viber, whereas making a call to a mobile number in the same country is charged at about 1.99 cents per minute. The charges for making a call to the UK will be more than what making a call to a local US mobile phone costs due to the distance involved, usually charging a flat rate of 1.99 cents for both landlines and mobile phones.

Viber is cheap and extremely flexible

Viber free download offers very affordable calling rates for premium users. When compared to the almost 6 cents per minute charged by telecom carriers, the amount charged by Viber is way too low to complain about. It is even possible to go with monthly plans rather than buy credit on ViberOut. There are plans for 7 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes and so on. Choose the plan that suits you best.

Another attractive aspect of Viber is its flexibility. This application can be installed on almost any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet or a PC. Furthermore, you can easily transfer calls and conversations from a phone to a PC and to a tablet without any issues.

Viber is easy to use

Viber is a very straightforward app that is also very easy to download and install. All you need is a phone number and an internet connection to get started. Post download and installation of the app, it will scan your phone for numbers already registered to Viber and reveal them to you in a list of contacts. In this way, you can easily tell which person can be called or messaged for free and which one requires the use of the ViberOut feature to contact them.

Viber will ensure your calls are free as long as you are using a Wi-Fi network. However, using 3G or 4G data plan will require you to subscribe for an unlimited plan from your telecom carrier in order to make the most out of this app, otherwise, you will be left having to buy data packs every now and then.