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WhatsApp Free Download to Start Offering Free Video Calls for All Users


WhatsApp calling feature was recently introduced for users of Android devices.

This feature comes in after years of requests from users for the feature to be included in the app and now users of this world-famous instant messaging app can start enjoying free voice calls between each other.

WhatsApp voice calls have been availed since February 2015 and despite the fact that the feature has not been made official just yet, there are already quite a number of people who have already activated this WhatsApp voice calling feature on their Android devices. This feature is available in a number of beta versions of WhatsApp, which are available for free download from the official WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp voice calls only available after invitations

WhatsApp voice calls are not yet available for all Android users. Even though there is a stable Google Play Store version that offers users this feature. It is still available on an invite-only basis. This means that a user who has already activated the feature on his or her phone must invite you to use the feature via a WhatsApp voice call.

The beta versions with WhatsApp voice calls were not availed on the official Play Store. This is due to the fact that they were incomplete, still with bugs and very much unstable. In fact, these versions are not meant for the general public to download and install.Instead, developers and other expert users can take advantage of them and get to know the new features that apps are working on.

The voice calling feature of WhatsApp has mostly been reported by Indian users, something that has prompted the idea that WhatsApp is working on improved connections in areas with poor network connections. Furthermore, it is thought that India is one of the leading markets of WhatsApp, with almost 100 million of the total 700 million users of this instant messaging app coming from this country alone.

WhatsApp voice call invitation window has been stopped

Since the WhatsApp voice calling feature started showing up, it has been on and off. This is because developers had to stop it in order to work on some elements before going ahead with implementing the changes and rolling it out again. This necessitated the enabling and disabling of the feature in order to allow the developers a window in which to make any necessary changes to the app.

At the moment, the latest beta version of WhatsApp comes without the invitation feature which might indicate that the company is ready to release the full feature for all Android users. It could also mean that the company is making some minor adjustments which will also be released in another beta version of the app. The latter reason is more credible because there are some users who had reported that the voice calling feature was still buggy.



WhatsApp video calling feature just around the corner

After launching the new WhatsApp voice calling feature, it is expected that WhatsApp will go ahead and launch the video calling feature for its more than 700 million user base. If this happens, WhatsApp will soon be hitting the 1 billion mark in terms of the user base since most people who have neglected the app have done so because of its lack of VoIP services.

However, for the video functionality to be effective, the voice calling feature must be working exceptionally. Thus, it is important that WhatsApp rolls out a stable version with voice calls before jumping onto the free video calling bandwagon. The only real issue with WhatsApp video calls will be lags, which are usually as a result of poor internet connections. However, these can easily be resolved by using a better connection, say 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi when making WhatsApp video calls.

Bottom line

Despite the ongoing rumors about the new WhatsApp video calling feature, there is no official communication from the company. Furthermore, there is no official word regarding when the stable WhatsApp voice calling feature will be launched. But hopefully this won’t be long as it has already been long enough to wait for this feature on WhatsApp.

Keep following us and we will update you regarding the release of WhatsApp video calls and other features.