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How Does Contact Integration In WhatsApp For Android and iPhone Work?


WhatsApp is considered the king of all instant messaging apps right now. No other IM service features more active users, and existing users tend to love the app. For that reason, the user base is growing, and part of the draw of WhatsApp is its convenience. The app is accessible on Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms. Then the fact that the app integrates seamlessly with existing contacts is great and ensures that everything is simple to manage. Without a doubt, IM apps tend to complicate things and cause headaches.

What is WhatsApp?

When a person installs WhatsApp, they can stay in contact with their friends and family members. Anyone that has the app installed on their phone can communicate with others in the same situation. During the first year of service, the app is completely free to use, and then users must pay $0.99 per year. That’s a small price to pay for calls, texts, and multimedia messages. WhatsApp runs off a data or WiFi connection, so users don’t have to worry about using their minutes and texts. However, WiFi or large data plans are recommended.

WhatsApp And The Address Book

To populate the address book, WhatsApp connects to and integrates with a user’s default address book. These two apps are synced so that they feature the same content. Users effectively avoid having to manage two address books or contact lists here. After launching the app, WhatsApp will check the address book to see which users are signed up with WhatsApp. Then those same contacts are listed within the app. This automated process is exceptionally convenient and works without any major flaws or problems.

Adding New Contacts Into WhatsApp

Users can still manually add new contacts to WhatsApp. They’ll need to update their address book for their phone and then launch WhatsApp. By navigating to the Menu, a user can refresh the app to force new contacts to load into the app. It’s a simple process that can ensure all contacts are loaded in WhatsApp. The automated syncing process can sometimes miss a contact or two, which can be frustrating. Still, the ability to manually add contacts is a welcomed feature that users need every once in awhile.

Newest Features of WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp finally started offering voice calling features after promising the addition months ago. Most users knew this feature was coming, and now it’s finally here. Existing users can message or call each other at the press of a button. Obviously, voice calling gives WhatsApp another advantage over competitor apps that lack the same feature. The most recent update made the app more stable and increased performance for existing features, too.

Download WhatsApp and Start Using Its Features Today!

Anyone with a smartphone can download and install WhatsApp because the app is available for most mobile operating systems. From there, each person can take advantage of incredible instant messaging and calling features. WhatsApp receives regular updates and continues to improve upon an already solid platform and service. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the app has over 600 million active users these days.