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WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87 Free Download – More Improvements and Bug Fixes


WhatsApp Plus came into being in 2012 and since then, it has continued to gain huge popularity among the savvy users of WhatsApp.

This is largely due to the customization capabilities that the app offers to its users, in addition to much more advanced features.

The continued rise in the use of WhatsApp Plus is something that Facebook-owned WhatsApp did not take lightly and consequently, this company went ahead and banned the use of WhatsApp Plus. This rebel app has been in continued use even after Google Play Store had removed it from its official store for what many believe to be violations of copyright laws. Despite this, WhatsApp had not taken any action against this clone instant messaging app, WhatsApp Plus, only until Facebook took over the messenger.

Despite the ban that WhatsApp inflicted on the users of WhatsApp Plus, the developers of this app did not give up and they went ahead to release a ban-free version 6.76 that enabled users to use this service, without the fear of being banned by WhatsApp. This is also the same case with the new WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87 free download.

Latest features of WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87 free download

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus 6.87 APK is equipped with some new features for the users to enjoy. However, the most essential additions are fixes to bugs that were affecting the use of the app on the Android KitKat. Furthermore, there are improvements from the previous WhatsApp Plus 6.76 that ensure the latest version performs better. Other new features in this application include:

  • A dark theme action bar that was visible in conversations has been dealt with in the new version.
  • The “Change notification bar color” bug has also been dealt with in this new release of WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87.
  • Users of the previous version of WhatsApp Plus had reported some issues that saw the app crash at 4 AM, all of which have been handled in the current version.
  • Other bugs that got fixed are the hide notification, extended notification and the auto-online toast
  • The latest version comes with a better translation tool and a new Calls UI.

In case you had already been banned from WhatsApp, you must know that installing the latest version of this app will not help you remove the ban from your number. All you need is waiting for the duration of the ban to expire and then you can download the latest WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87 and install it on your smartphone. After you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp Plus, you won’t have to worry about any ban anymore since this application is ban-proof.

Download and install WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87

To download and install this new version of WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87, you must, first of all, enable the installation of apps from “Unknown sources” on your Android device. This is so because all Android devices are preset to reject any app that is not from the official Google Play Store.

Also ensure that you have created a backup of all your conversations on WhatsApp, since you must uninstall the currently installed WhatsApp, before you can install the new WhatsApp Plus 6.87 APK file on your Android device. Install the app and use the same WhatsApp phone number to activate the newly installed clone app. Post installation, ensure you restore the conversations in order to view your recent messages.

Remember that WhatsApp Plus is free to download and use, for the first one year only after which you must pay a fee of $1 per year for using the app, which is the same case as the original WhatsApp.