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Facebook Messenger Latest Version Free Download for Instant Messaging and Free Calling

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Facebook Messenger latest free download offers Facebook users an application for connecting with each other using calls, messages, pictures and so much more.

Furthermore, updating to the latest version will treat you to the best multimedia features for communicating even more effectively than any other app.

Facebook Messenger was alunched in 2012 and today, there are more than 500 million people who are already subscribed to this instant messenger. The good thing with this app is that it’s straightforward. All you need is your Facebook credentials to log in and after that, you will never be asked to provide these details in order to login again. Facebook Messenger can be installed on a variety of mobile operating systems that include iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry.

User interface

Facebook Messenger latest version comes with a very simple UI where all your messages are listed in order of date/time and scrolling down will lead you to older messages. The window appears similar to the chat service of the web client of Facebook, but it has a menu on the top that shows users their favorite contacts. There is a search bar for searching names or phone numbers in the app and just like with the chat service of the web client, a green dot shows that a contact is online while a phone icon indicates that the contact can be reached on their device.

Features of Facebook Messenger latest download

The latest version of Facebook Messenger comes with added support for video sharing where you can also use your phone’s camera to take photos in the app. All of these photos can be shared with any of your Messenger friends for free. Swiping down the app will refresh the chat list, which is a nice touch. The good thing with the latest version of Facebook Messenger is that it allows users to connect or rather link their phone number with the account so that it becomes easier to contact anyone using Facebook Messenger.

The application also allows the sharing of location, a feature which can be disabled by the user. It is also possible to enable or disable notifications or chat-heads feature. Facebook Messenger comes with a wide collection of stickers that you can use in messages in addition to a microphone icon that allows you to record voice notes that can be shared with everyone.

It is possible to download and share stickers when in a Facebook Messenger conversation and if someone sends you an interesting sticker, it is also possible to download it by tapping on it when in the chat window.



Create groups in Messenger

The latest version of Facebook Messenger comes with a new feature for Android users. It is now possible to create groups of up to 250 people in Messenger with the help of the tab on your left. There is no difference between creating a group in Facebook Messenger and creating a group in WhatsApp or Viber.

In these groups, you can share texts, audio notes, videos as well as pictures with friends. As noted earlier, it is possible to take selfies and share them with friends in a very easy way. All you need to do is touch the camera icon when in a Messenger chat and the viewfinder will open up at the bottom part of the screen. It is possible to continue with your conversation from the lower half of the screen and use the upper half to take a selfie.

Bottom line

Even though Facebook Messenger only has versions for mobile devices, it has managed to establish itself among the best IMs in a very short period of time. Being such a young app, there is still so much room for improvement for this instant messaging app. Better still, you can download the latest version of Facebook Messenger free IM and connect with your friends from all over the world for free.