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WhatsApp Plus Free Download and Install – Secure Version Now Available for All Devices


There is no doubt that WhatsApp Plus is a better application than WhatsApp.

If you have used this clone WhatsApp Plus, you would agree with this.

The topnotch features you get on WhatsApp Plus are nothing closer to the boring WhatsApp. Furthermore, WhatsApp Plus lets users customize the appearance and the general look of the app and make it feel more personal than using WhatsApp. In essence, if you love customizations, for instance, changing colors, font styles, sizes, backgrounds, themes and many others WhatsApp Plus is just the application you need to download right away.

WhatsApp Plus offers same services as WhatsApp free download

You might have noticed that WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus share a name. Well, you need to first of all realize that these two are not from the same company. In fact, the developers of these two applications are completely non-related. However, WhatsApp Plus makes use of WhatsApp’s source code but it adds a number of tweaks to this code to make it a little unique.

Just like WhatsApp, the clone WhatsApp Plus will let you send and receive instant messages to friends using either WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. You can exchange texts, videos, photos and even voice notes using these apps. WhatsApp Plus is however offering these services in advanced mode. For instance, WhatsApp allows you to send a file with a maximum size of 16MB whereas WhatsApp Plus can accommodate up to 50MB.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Plus comes with a huge collection of stickers and emoticons that are also found on Google Hangouts, and unlike messages, they can only be used between WhatsApp Plus users. If any of these emoticons is sent to a WhatsApp user, they’ll see it as a question mark.

WhatsApp Plus is illegal

WhatsApp Plus was launched in 2012 and it was even included in the official Google Play Store. However, after some time, Google removed this application from the Play Store, but they could not shut down the app from being accessed via third parties. WhatsApp Plus continued to gain popularity among savvy internet users.However, just recently the now Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced that the continued use of the clone WhatsApp Plus was subject to a 24 hour ban. Some users were banned from using WhatsApp for this period, while others were banned for even longer periods.

WhatsApp Plus did not take this ban to be fair and the developers moved on to come up with a quick solution to this problem with a ban-proof WhatsApp Plus 6.76. Since its release, no news of users being banned from using WhatsApp has surfaced, prompting the argument that the new versions of WhatsApp Plus are ban-proof. The latest version of this ban-free version is WhatsApp Plus 6.87 APK, which can be downloaded from the official page of the app or on other third party sites like apk releases or XDA Developers.

Features of WhatsApp Plus 6.87 APK secure version

As noted above, this WhatsApp Plus 6.87 APK secure version can be found on the WhatsApp Plus page and other third party websites offering the APK file. Other than being safe and secure, you will also notice additional features on this application and they include a dark themed action bar in chats. Lollipop users can access a status bar color on their “View activity” option, as well as additional translations, among other improvements.

As obvious with any new version of an application, the latest WhatsApp Plus APK 6.87 also includes a number of bug fixes that include the change notify, hide notification and extended notification bugs. If you download the latest WhatsApp Plus version, you will be sure of working with an app that has no interference and performs smoothly in addition to being safe.

Downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus 6.87 secure version

WhatsApp Plus is not in the official Play Store and you have no choice but to download it from outside the store. However, before you can install such an app on an Android device, you must first of all enable this setting via the security or application settings of your phone. After you have allowed this installation to take place, make sure you remove the original WhatsApp in case you have installed it.

Remember to keep a backup of your conversations since you can restore these messages and files to the new WhatsApp Plus 6.87 after installation. When installing WhatsApp, you will be asked for your phone number. Use the same number that you used on the original app to activate WhatsApp Plus so as to keep chatting with the same WhatsApp contacts as well as for keeping your conversations on the new app.

Remember, WhatsApp Plus 6.87 free download is free of any ban and you can download and install it to get a taste of its enhanced features. Whether WhatsApp is looking for newer ways to reinforce this ban is not known but until then, you can download the latest clone version and use it without any fear of being banned.