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WhatsApp Free Download and Install Latest Version for Free Voice Calling


WhatsApp free download is probably the most talked about application in currently.

This is because of the fact that WhatsApp recently began the long awaited roll out of the voice calling feature for Android users.

The new WhatsApp voice calling feature is currently available for Android users only.However, it is expected that iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms will get an update to this voice calling feature in the coming days. Even though this feature is available for all Android users, it can only be accessed via an invitation. What this means is that a user of WhatsApp who has the voice calling feature already activated must call you first in order to activate the feature on your device.

WhatsApp voice calling feature available on latest stable version

The latest version of WhatsApp that is available for free download from the official Google Play Store is version 2.12.5. This is a stable version and all users of Android devices can update to this version via the Play Store. If you have installed this version on your Android device, then you already have the WhatsApp voice calling feature on your device. This is because the latest stableversion also comes with the free WhatsApp voice calls but still on an invitation basis only.

If you still can’t find someone who has the feature activated on their application and you are using the latest WhatsApp stable version, you can visit online forums on sites like Android Pit and Reddit where you will find someone who is willing to activate the feature for you.

Once someone calls you, make sure you restart the app before the new voice calling feature is applied to the settings of the app. Better still, you can restart your phone rather than the app and then launch the app once the phone is up and running. You should be able to see a new UI with a Calls tab beside the Chats and Contacts tabs. Under this ‘Calls tab’ you can find logs of your missed calls, received calls as well as dialed calls.

WhatsApp to beat the competition from Viber with new voice calling feature

WhatsApp started offering users with instant messaging services in 2009. Since then, it has offered nothing more than exchanging of text and multimedia messages. Viber on the other hand began in 2010 and since then, it has managed to integrate voice and video calling services into its instant messaging capability. The ability to offer users with free instant messaging as well as voice and video calling services on one platform is what helped Viber rise to prominence.

Now that WhatsApp is offering users with almost the same features as Viber, it does not look like good news to this Rakuten-owned instant messaging and VoIP app. However, as of now Viber still holds an edge over WhatsApp as it has the ability to make free HD video calls. Furthermore, Viber free download can be used to connect to people who are not on this network. Using the ViberOut feature, it is possible to make very affordably calls to any person who is not using Viber as long as you have their phone number or even landline.

There is good news for U.S. citizens who use Viber as they can make free calls to any landline within the country. However, there are charges involved when making a call to a mobile phone number not using Viber.

WhatsApp video calling feature rumors and speculations

Even though Viber free download boasts of having the superiority of the video calling feature, the latest word on the street is that WhatsApp will soon be following the voice calling feature with a new WhatsApp video calling feature. However, this is still just speculation and nothing has been confirmed just yet, but of course, it is expected to show up sooner or later.