Today, people no longer connect using traditional means of communication.

Technology has brought along a wave of applications that are now used as a means of communication. One of these apps is Viber free calling messenger.

Using the Viber free calling messenger, you can make free voice calls to any other person, who is using this application on their Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry devices. Furthermore, this application can be used on laptops and desktops running on Linux, Mac as well as Windows OS.

Recently, Viber free download has been one of the most sought after instant messaging and VoIP apps. In fact, this application has gained ground on the runaway WhatsApp free download. The main reason why this is happening is because of the unique way in which you can make contact with the outside world using this application at no cost. Yes, you read it well. There is nothing you will be charged, for using Viber, to send messages or make calls, be it voice or video calls.

So, how does this feature work?

Viber free calling feature in details

While Viber free calling app may be free, there are some conditions that must be met in order to qualify for using this app for free. The only way you can send messages for free as well as enjoy free calls on Viber free download is by ensuring that the recipient of these messages and calls is also using Viber free calling app. Otherwise, the free calls and messages will not work. In essence, Viber is very much similar to what Skype has on offer and if you have some familiarity with this Microsoft-based VoIP messenger, then you will find using Viber free calling messenger a no brainer.

All you need to make a Viber free call is find the person you want to call in the contacts of your app and go ahead and place a call. You can even go via your phone dialer and when you attempt to make a call, most devices will ask whether to place the call via Viber free calling messenger or using the local carrier. Viber is the best option around as you won’t have to worry about the time you spend on a call for it is absolutely free. You should also know that with Viber free download, you will be treated to HD video calls with the best sound and picture clarity.

How the Viber free calling messenger works

Even though you may be past this “how it works” details, it is still important to know that Viber free calling app will cost you nothing for making a voice or video call. All you need is an internet connection and the app will connect to any person who has the application on their phone for free. However, you must be informed that while using the Viber free download app is free; this theory will remain to be true in practice only if you use a Wi-Fi connection. If you choose to go for data connection, you must purchase data packs from your telecom carrier in order to stay connected.

Even though buying of data packs is involved, you can minimize the data costs further by going for any of the many favorable unlimited plans that most of these local carriers offer. When compared to the amount they would have charged for making a similar call to an overseas number, using Viber free download is far much cheaper.

Furthermore, ensure that the connection you are using is 3G or 4G or otherwise, your calls will be of a very poor quality. Better still, you can use a Wi-Fi internet connection to connect with your Viber friends without incurring any costs at all.

The ViberOut Feature

Viber free calling messenger’s amazing capabilities do not just end with free voice and video calls. It is also possible to make very affordable calls to any other number not using Viber. Using the ViberOut feature, you can place a call that will be charged fairly to any mobile phone number or landline all over the world. However, you must buy Viber credits from the Viber website before the ViberOut feature is activated on your device.

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