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WhatsApp Free Download and Install APK 2.11.1383.2 for BlackBerry 10 – Improved Voice Calling Quality


WhatsApp free download is an instant messaging app that can be installed on almost all mobile phones.

If you own an iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Bada or BlackBerry phone; you will be able to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp on your device and start chatting with friends and relatives for free, regardless of their location.

The latest WhatsApp 2.11.1383.2 APK for BlackBerry 10 is now available for free download from the official WhatsApp website. In this new version, you will come across a set of new features as well as improvements when compared to the previous versions. Furthermore, the new version features very significant improvements in the voice calling department of the app, which is of course still under beta tests.

WhatsApp free download has more than 700 million people on its cards and even though users of the BlackBerry devices are not that many, they still hold a significant market share in the mobile world. It is for this reason WhatsApp has always rolled out updates for this group of users. In addition, WhatsApp developers are very much aware of the threat posed by BlackBerry’s own messenger that goes by the name BlackBerry Messenger or simply BBM.

Latest WhatsApp 2.11.1383.2 still not available in BlackBerry World

Since the new release of WhatsApp 2.11.1383.2 APK free download is still in beta version, it has yet to be featured in the official app store for BlackBerry devices. This is so because this application is still unstable and as such, it must undergo some vigorous tests to find out if there are still any errors or bugs in the app. After all these are certified, the application is then released as a stable version in the official app store.

The latest version of WhatsApp 2.11.1383.2 APK for BlackBerry 10 is a native client, which means that the functionality of this application is far better when compared to the previous versions of the OS. You will never miss any of your messages on WhatsApp, even if you are away, since the application comes with push notifications that will make sure your messages are delivered immediately you reconnect to the internet. Just like with other operating systems, WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 also enables automatic integration with system contacts, which means you don’t have to manually add contacts.

What’s new?

The latest version of WhatsApp APK 2.11.1383.2 for BlackBerry 10 comes with a number of new features. There is a new “Add to Contacts” option that can be accessed, when chatting with a new contact or when in a group info page, where there are new numbers that are not in your WhatsApp contacts list. Furthermore, you’ll notice some changes in the classic styling across the screen as well as fixes to BlackBerry 10.3, where you no longer see a blank space above a keyboard in landscape mode after enabling the “Show action bar with keyboard”.

The previous version of WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 was also losing it when deleting or clearing conversations, where it would occasionally show some lags in performance. This has been taken care of in the new version. Furthermore, you will enjoy much more improved WhatsApp voice calls on your BlackBerry 10 device since the new version is now capable of suspending all media downloads whenever a WhatsApp voice call is on.

Install WhatsApp 2.11.1383.2 APK on BlackBerry 10

To download and install the latest WhatsApp 2.11.1383.2 APK on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is very easy. To get this application, visit the official BlackBerry Beta Zone, register and accept the development agreement of the app and proceed with installing the app.

Remember, this application is still very unstable and as such, if you are not comfortable, you can wait until the stable version is out. It should not be a long time before it is released.