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4 Key Features in Spartan Browser that Will Help Windows 10 Win Firefox and Google Chrome


Microsoft is serious about their upcoming Windows 10 operating system, which is not only going to compete against its own older versions but will also introduce an all new browser named Spartan.

The Internet Explorer branded browser has been around for a long time, but because of its aging, the browser has lost the competition to Firefox, Chrome and other browsers. Spartan is ready to take on them all and the newly launched video shows a lot of promising stuff about the web browser. You can find the video below. Besides, here are the four futuristic features that will set it apart from competition.

Faster Browser Ever Built

Microsoft claims that Spartan is the fastest browser ever built, which, when powered by Windows 10 and its search features, can help users get to web pages much quicker. A lot of background processes undergo whenever you type a website but for the user, the page will be loaded instantly. Everything that needs to be processed will be done without hindering the web experience, which is what modern users want. Besides, it fully supports all modern day tools and plug-ins, among other resources.

Touch, Draw and Share

Everything is about sharing these days and the new Spartan browser on Windows 10 allows users to share content on any social media with a single button. It brings all the popular sites and lets you pick what you need. Besides, it is also made for touch screens so that you can directly draw a line or use a stylus to circle a particular part of the web page. It can be shared with friends or family or co-workers so that they can get your message.

Reading View

An important new addition which makes Windows 10 an ideal place for readers is the reading view in Spartan. It is built into the browser and can be activated by clicking on the circle. The browser automatically removes all extra content and shows only the text. There is also a day and night reading mode, which reduces the strain on eyes.

Cortana Voice Assistant

The futuristic addition is Cortana, your voice assistant which will easily help you find keywords on Bing search engine as well as on other websites. It also helps in sending e-mails, creating reminders and always be in the background so as to provide you the information you need. Cortana is an exclusive addition to Spartan, which is found on no other browser.