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WhatsApp Free Download and Install Latest APK on a Non-Jailbroken iPad


WhatsApp is a top provider of instant messaging services across the globe.

This application has managed to convince over 700 million people that its services are the best and this can be attributed to the simple and easy to use UI and the fact that using this application is totally free.

WhatsApp free download also has the ability to be installed on a variety of operating systems and just recently, a new WhatsApp Web application was launched by this company to help with connecting friends on WhatsApp using a PC. This application is also very easy and simple to use, just like its original app. WhatsApp has lived on to become one of the best alternatives of traditional messaging services.

WhatsApp voice calls to replace traditional voice calls

WhatsApp has finally launched the voice calling feature for all Android users. This application has however made this feature available on an invite-only basis which means that users have to be invited into using the app by other users who are already using the service.

Just like this application had taken over the place that used to be occupied by SMS service providers and other telecom carriers, WhatsApp free download is also set to take over the world of voice calling. As noted earlier, WhatsApp has more than 700 million people who trust and use its services on a daily basis. This user base was only achieved using the instant messaging services and now that there is a new voice calling feature rolling out.It is more bad news for these telecom carriers as they are going to stake their positions in the market as internet service providers (ISP) only.

WhatsApp free download APK for iPad

While there is no known compatible version of WhatsApp that can be installed on an iPad or tablet for that matter (except for using WhatsApp Web on a Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browser on your tablet), it is still possible to get this amazing instant messenger and now VoIP app on your Apple tablet. The good thing here is that you don’t even have to jailbreak your tablet in order for this to happen.

How to install WhatsApp free download latest APK on an iPad

To install the latest version of WhatsApp APK on an iPad, you will need a PC and the iTunes software application installed on it. Using this iTunes program, open Apple’s App Store and from there, download the latest version of WhatsApp. This is aimed at downloading the WhatsApp APK file on your PC as an *.ipa package.

While still on your PC, open the iTunes folder and copy the downloaded file onto your desktop. At this point, you must download another program known as iFunBox and install it on your PC. After it is successfully installed, connect your iPad to the computer and the program will detect it. Navigate to the iFunBox and click on the “iFunBox Classic” option in order to view your iPad. On your right you should see the “Install App” option which you must now click on.

The program will then display a prompt that it is done installing the *.ipa file. When you see this, disconnect your iPad from the PC. Don’t activate the application first.However, if you are on a jailbroken iPad all you need to do is install WhatsPad from Cydia and everything else will be taken care of. On the other hand, if you are using a non-jailbroken iPad, follow these steps carefully:

  • First you need an iPhone and if it is already installed with WhatsApp, uninstall it and then reinstall a fresh copy of the app. Activate the app using the same number as that you intend to use on the iPad and then connect to a PC. Make sure the iFunBox program detects it and when in there, find “iFunBox Classic” tab and from here you should be able to see your device and any other connected devices.
  • From the “User Applications” option, find the newly installed WhatsApp free download and find the “Documents” and “Library” folders.
  • From the menu bar, click on “Copy to PC” and you should have these two folders saved on your PC desktop.
  • Disconnect the iPhone from the PC and connect the iPad onto the same PC.While the iFunBox Classic page is still running, open the “User Applications” option and click on “WhatsApp.”
  • Find the folders you copied on your desktop and paste them in the WhatsApp folder.
  • Disconnect your iPad from the PC and then go ahead with activating the application using your usual WhatsApp phone number and that’s it.

You now have WhatsApp free download latest APK installed on your iPad without jailbreaking it. You can go ahead and start enjoying free WhatsApp voice calls to any other user of the app.