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Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Reducing Data Usage


The iPhone 6 Plus is the current flagship from Apple. This device is amazingly huge and with it, you can enjoy some of the best browsing, video gaming, as well as carrying out of other mobile-based operations at very lightning speeds.

Today people make use of internet to carry out almost every task, be it communication, travelling, hiking or even health care, among many others. As a result, it is very important to keep track of your mobile data usage just in case you are not connected to a Wi-Fi internet source.

Sometimes it is hard to account for some data losses, especially if you are not using an unlimited data plan. However, there is very little to worry about if you have been a victim of this situation as this post will avail you with some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your data costs are greatly reduced when using your iPhone 6 Plus.

Monitoring data usage on iPhone 6 Plus

The first step you need to take towards monitoring the data usage of your iPhone 6 Plus is to keep track of the usage of data via your device’s Settings and then tap on Cellular category. Scroll down up to the “Current Period” option where you will find all the details of the amount of data that has been consumed in the current period. You may find the feature with some abnormal figures. Don’t fret as this feature does not automatically reset on a daily basis unless it is instructed so and as such, it may be holding data for weeks. You can choose to periodically reset this data by going to “Reset Statistics” when still in the Cellular category.

The good thing with this feature is that you will also get the details of the data consumed by specific apps installed on your device. In this way, you can get a clear picture of which application is the data hog and as such, you can take care of it in case it is of less use. However, you must again scroll down to reach the “System services” option in order to check these stats.

Add restrictions to data usage

Immediately you find out the details about the apps and the amount of data they are consuming on your iPhone 6 Plus, it is now possible to restrict the usage of this data. To do this, select the switch located next to the apps and select the option of using these apps only when there is a Wi-Fi connection. These apps will appear to be offline when using data connection; however, they will immediately reconnect once your iPhone 6 Plus detects a Wi-Fi network.

Disable data connection

Another way of reducing data usage on an iPhone 6 Plus is to simply disable the data usage of certain apps on a permanent basis. This will however mean that you have to enable them manually when you feel like using them again using the cellular data connection. 

Using in-built options of some apps

Many apps come with controls with respect to usage of data. The iTunes App Store is one such application, where users can easily control the data used by the apps by disabling the automatic downloads of updates, when the iPhone 6 Plus is connected to the internet or store via the cellular data connection.

As a result, your apps will only download updates when the Store detects a Wi-Fi connection. This is the same case as the default Podcast which will also disable download of updates when connected to the internet via your iPhone’s data.

Disable syncing of apps

The iPhone 6 Plus, just like any other iPhone, is set to sync apps like Mail and Calendar so that all your mails can be read from the phone immediately they arrive in your inbox. This phone also keeps a close eye on your contacts as well as calendar events; all of which are an additional usage of data. You can disable syncing of emails and instead check them manually as well as the calendar and contacts list syncing. This can be accessed via the Settings of your iPhone 6 Plus and then select “Mail”, “Contacts” or “Calendar”. You can go ahead and make the changes you want, to these settings.

Disable background apps

Lots of background processes take place when an iPhone 6 Plus is running. Some of these processes use data in order to keep running and they’ll do it even if you are not using the phone. This has a detrimental effect on both your data pack as well as your battery life.

Disable these background operations via the device’s Settings and select General. Follow this by selecting “Background App Refresh” and then toggle all the apps that you don’t require to switch them off. This restriction can be applied to all apps in the background or to a few select apps and in this way; you can save volumes of your cellular data.