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WhatsApp Plus Latest Free Download – A Better Free WhatsApp Alternative


It is probably not the first time you are coming across these two terms – WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp. As much as the terms look close to same, they are two very different applications.

WhatsApp is the original app, whereas, WhatsApp Plus is the duplicate app. However, the duplicate app has grown to become a fun favorite and more and more people are continuously ditching WhatsApp in favor of the clone WhatsApp Plus. These two applications basically perform the same set of functions; however, they have vast differences, which, if you keenly analyze, you will end up with WhatsApp Plus as the better app, regardless of the way you compare it with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus is not in the Play Store

WhatsApp Plus came about in 2012 and since then, it has been faced with lots of criticism. First, it was flashed out of the Google Play Store by Google and now comes Facebook, who are the owners of WhatsApp since February 2014, with a ban for all those using the clone app.

Despite the many issues that the developers have faced, they still haven’t given up on this application. WhatsApp Plus takes the name of the mother app because it carries a part of the same code used to develop the original WhatsApp. However, this clone app comes with astounding customization capabilities that turn the app into something totally new and appealing.

It is why this application is still available for free download from the official website of WhatsApp Plus and it exists as a ban-free version.

Major differences between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp

The most obvious difference is the appearance of the apps, where WhatsApp Plus sports a white and blue scheme while WhatsApp is dominated with white and green. When you dig a little deeper, you’ll be amazed at how this clone app is equipped with numerous capabilities.

You can change the chat backgrounds, fonts, colors as well as choose from over 750 themes which you can download and apply them directly or edit them first before applying them. You can also sort these themes according to your own preference, be it their date of creation or based on the number of times they have been downloaded.

Another very amazing capability of WhatsApp Plus is the ability to send media files of up to 50MB. This is something you cannot achieve with WhatsApp as it only manages a mere 16MB. This means that whenever you are sending files on WhatsApp, they are compressed in order to fit the available size, which in turn affects the end quality of files.

When talking of security, it can be assured that WhatsApp makes use of end-to-end encryption to secure its messages. However, the same cannot be said of WhatsApp Plus, which means that there is a high possibility of losing your data to hackers when using the banned WhatsApp Plus. The good part is that you can still make free voice calls on all platforms, be it WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. Both applications must however be paid for, after free usage for the first one year.