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Layout from Instagram Update Version 1.0.1 Performance Improvements

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Layout from Instagram Update Version 1.0.1 Performance Improvements 

Instagram is easily the Facebook for photos, where people go every day to share special moments from their lives and browse through a wide array of pictures. The developers have always been working to add some interesting filters and features to the app. The latest updated version of the app 1.0.1 is a download that you shouldn’t miss, because it finally introduces the amazing concept of collage.

People always love to mix and match multiple pictures together so as to create that iconic moment. Besides, if you are going on a trip with a couple of friends or enjoying a great day with a loved one, you are bound to take many photos. Instead of browsing through them one by one, it is much better to collect them all together into a single, beautiful collage.

Get Creative with Collage

Before you try to explore the layout feature on Instagram, make sure to download the latest version 1.0.1 from the App store. Users of the iOS devices should head to Apple’s own app store, where the newest versions are available, while Play store is for the Android users. An Android update with layouts is yet to rollout. Downloading it is really easy as you just have to click on the update button if you already own the app and the installation will commence in a short while.

Getting creative with a collage is as easy as painting on a canvas, because you already have a good collection of pictures. Even if you don’t, with every device coming bundled with a camera these days, you can start clicking pictures of yourself and people you know. Once you have a dozen or more pictures together, upload them to Instagram and open the layout option.


The developers as always have made it simple and readily accessible for everyone. You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to use the feature, because once you start selecting the pictures from your camera roll, the Instagram app will automatically organize them into different layouts. Based on the number of pictures you choose, the size and shape of the collage will vary. It will provide you multiple options from which you can choose your pick.

Faces Option and Photo Booth

Layout is not the only thing that has been updated on Instagram with its latest edition. There is a faces option using which you can easily sort all the pictures in your gallery that have people in it. It simplifies the process of creating a collage with actual people than those random pictures you clicked. The Photo Booth is another useful feature which starts a countdown and clicks a number of pictures at once.

Make sure you keep posing until the booth captures all your expressions, which will instantly be converted into a layout/ collage.

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