Although in the early days of the Android evolution, many assumed that it wasn’t such a great place for mobile games, Android has became a focal place of gaming fun.

Google Play often offers games at a cheaper price than other app stores and there are loads of fun and entertaining games for you to try out. Here’s the list of some worth considering.

The Witcher Battle Arena

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre is bursting on PC and The Witcher Battle Arena delivers that competitive scene to our Android phones. It is fast, fun, and you could easily play it for hours and hours without even noticing that. This game is a solution for those who are itching for DotA 2 or League of Legends on mobile.

Monument Valley

UsTwo Games created Monument Valley which is indeed a beauty to behold. The platforming puzzles are simply fantastic fun, since you scrape your head wondering your move until the eureka moment happens and everything collapses into place. Even though Monument Valley isn’t the longest game out there and once completed you probably won’t feel the need to visit it, this is a really pleasing and beautiful game worth trying out.


This completely free game will keep you occupied for quite a while. Split across Normal, Easy, Hard, and Extreme (for the brave ones), puzzles, and thanks to the amalgamation with Google Play Games, you are able to compare your averages and scores against friends or even trace your number-crunching progress. Sudoku is really slick to use, since it is designed in correspondence with Material Design ethos. Get the Sudoku for your Android phone and flex your brain in the clearest way possible.

Trivia Crack

This great mobile hit combines nice, cartoon designs with a vast array of trivia questions, as well as head to head system that is turn-based to great effect. Trivia Crack players can play against random opponents or their Facebook friends and roll the wheel in order to answer questions based on Science, Sports, Art, Geography, Entertainment or History, so they can become the first to achieve six divergent characters and win the game. This game becomes tactical with power-ups, which Trivia Crack players are able to use to influence the game, and the possibility of “stealing” enemy characters.

Weak Warrior

This game has you bashing goblins and ghosts until you die. You are fixed to a spot and tapping the right or left side of the screen will swing the sword of your warrior right or left respectively. Enemies will rush you, and you have to dispatch them rapidly, as you’re allowed to take only a few hits afore you die. New enemies approach as you progress, each with their run patterns and attacks, meaning that timing is vital. Wonderfully addictive, incredibly re-playable, Weak Warrior is simply an amazing game for killing the monotony.

Some of the Android games are free while some will cost you a couple bucks, but all of them will provide a lot of fun and good time. Try out some of the amazing Google Play games and entertain yourself.

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