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WhatsApp 2.12.79 Stable APK – Why Should We Download This Android Version?


The reason why people install WhatsApp on their Android devices is because of the voice calling feature, which allows them to call their friends for free, no matter what is their country of origin. But the version for the Android OS receives updates all the time, more often than the iOS version, and the latest APK can be found on This beta version doesn’t have major changes, only improvements (bug fixes and enhancement performance).

Lately, WhatsApp’s developers worked on the Material Design of this application, changing a lot of elements such as the title bar that is deep green and which blends into the three tabs (Calls, Chats and Contacts), there are new buttons fro recording messages, also available in the attachment option that pops up. Also, the cover image is cleaner and larger when chatting with groups, and the media selection screen was also modified. Another important feature that was introduced temporary was the option to backup chats on Google Drive, but it was last seen on v2.12.58 and the fans are still hoping that WhatsApp will bring it back someday.

Now, the new version is 2.12.79 and the APK file is found on the official website, not on the Google Play, because it’s in beta version and may be accompanied with other bugs which will cause the application to not work properly. For those who have computers at home there’s a feature called WhatsApp Web, with which they can log into their accounts from one of these three browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. All they need to do is access with their browser and scan the QR code from the page with their phones’ cameras, from within the application.

This isn’t the last version of WhatsApp for Android, because the application evolves continuously and if one year ago, Voice Calling was just a dream, now, the users can make free calls everywhere in this world, to other WhatsApp friends. The application needs an internet connection to work, so you must have an internet plan (2G, 3G, 4G) or a WiFi network nearby.

To install WhatsApp on your Android smartphone, the device must run on, at least, version 2.3.