The developers of Minecraft Xbox 360 and Minecraft Xbox One edition, 4J studios, are really happy to have sold over 20 million copies.

They are also celebrating the anniversary of the title on the Xbox 360 platform for which a bunch of new skins is being given out for free.

MinicraftThe original version of the PC game first got launched on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console about three years ago. It was a bold move back then, because most publishers were not sure about launching such a title on the consoles. The platforms were hugely dominated by third person action shooters, RPGs and sports titles. Minecraft is completely different from the usual, because it offered a whole new world of pixelated exploration, where players can build anything and everything they could dream off. For hardcore players, it had the highly difficult survival mode among many others.

Successful Third Anniversary

The developers at 4J studios happily celebrated the third anniversary of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. They have also posted a special picture of the green cake that they ate on the memorable day. In order to make it more special, the team decided to roll out a bunch of free skins to the players on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. While some of these skins have already been launched on one console or the other, this is the first time that it will be available for the players across all platforms. Besides, there are some new ones as well that you may enjoy.

Mojang, in a statement, said that they are really glad to see the game succeed so well on the consoles. They added that Microsoft gave them the opportunity to move forward with the experiment which proved successful. The success eventually helped them launch the game on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and even the handheld PS Vita console.

20 Million Copies Sold

4J studios and Mojang has created a special cake which had the word Minecraft on top of it. It also had its chief character Steve on the side while the other side featured one of the bad guys. To keep it simple and up to the point, the developer team didn’t add more characters to the cake. They confirmed that the Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles have touched the twenty million mark, which is a colossal achievement by the team. The future title and content update will be focused on more bug-fixing as well as bringing in some new features.

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