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WhatsApp vs. SnapChat Free Download – Why Not Have Both Apps?


WhatsApp and SnapChat are two widely used applications and this is due to their smart and free services of instant messaging.

It is true to say that WhatsApp has a larger number of users as well as age range, however, it is also true to say that SnapChat is very popular among the young adults and teenagers. Overall, WhatsApp and SnapChat serve the same purpose of enhancing communication, as well as improving the way people interact.

WhatsApp and SnapChat are slightly different

What makes WhatsApp and SnapChat different is the way they achieve the above goals. The former is more of a traditional instant messaging app, offering its users with text based instant messaging services that are crowned by photo, video and audio messaging capabilities. On the other hand, the latter comes in more inclined towards visual content, allowing users to share photos and short videos that destroy themselves after a certain user-defined period.

The latter feature of SnapChat is what has attracted many young people to this platform. They always want to share something that no one, especially their parents, can find out about. SnapChat does just that with the self-destructing photos and videos. Furthermore, the app comes with quite amazing filters, although they are minimal in nature. They include adding speed, weather and time to the photos, along with color filters and other similar edits. The ability to add captions as well as scribble on these photos is a cool addition for the SnapChat users.

What makes WhatsApp a better option for chatting is the fact that it stores the messages for future reference, unless you personally delete them. Furthermore, it is now possible to make free WhatsApp voice calls to the other users of the app, a feature that is currently available for the Android and iOS users only.

Even though WhatsApp may be happy to present you with voice calling, a feature that lacks on SnapChat, the latter messenger recently added the ability for users to hold live face-to-face chats, which are essentially videos calls. This is something you won’t find on WhatsApp, which is why you need to have both apps installed on your Android device.

WhatsApp has the numbers and with the new voice calling feature, this figure is still swelling. The self-destructive nature of SnapChat messages keeps attracting more and more users onto this platform. Many who join this platform consider it more secure than any other photo sharing platform. However, it is not that safe since if someone is quick enough, they can still get a screenshot of the photo. But just like with the WhatsApp blue ticks, which notify the sender that the receiver has read a message, SnapChat senders will be notified if a receiver takes a snapshot of the message.

As notifications for snapshots are not enough, SnapChat goes further to notify the sender of a message whenever the recipient replays the message. These features keep swelling the numbers in the SnapChat camp and it is well headed towards the 300 million region.

Bottom line

Have you downloaded and installed SnapChat on your phone. Well, if you haven’t, it is time you added this app to your collection of instant messaging apps and for sure, you won’t regret a thing. Having both WhatsApp and SnapChat will ensure the two supplement each other, where WhatsApp is used for making voice calls and chatting, while SnapChat comes in during photo and video moments that include video calls.