Technology with attitude

Let Me Google That For You


Have you ever been involved in a chat online and somebody asks you a question that then annoys you? Your immediate thought will often be that you wonder why they have not bothered to go ahead and do what billions of other people do on a daily basis, which is use Google. Clearly this can get your back up, but what do you do next? The answer lies in a rather clever website that lets others know exactly how you are feeling at this moment in time.
Being Sarcastic via A Website.

LMGTFY is an extremely sarcastic website that is designed to just alert the other individual to the fact that they have been rather dense as well as possible a bit lazy. By wording it in such a way that it sounds as if you are doing the job of a servant in using Google on their behalf, it just lets it hit home that perhaps they should have thought about this in the first place. The aim of this? Clearly it is to make the other person think in advance of asking another stupid question when the answer that they are seeking will be easily found via a search engine.

How It Works And What It Is Like.

The way that this site works is rather easy in that it is basically the Google search engine, but with a few simple changes including a piece of advertising on the bottom. It is not intended as a parody as it is a fully working search engine that uses Google just it has been branded slightly differently to what you are used to.

The site itself works in exactly the same way as you are used to even down to the feeling lucky button that is well known for throwing up some rather strange and peculiar results. The site allows you to change the language and there is even an app that can be downloaded should you need to do this thing on the move.

When you type in the search it will then give you a link you can use to share with people as this helps to keep things a surprise when you share it with them. They will click on the link and then see what appears to be a Google page and their search will slowly be typed before their very eyes with the results then eventually being revealed to them. In short, it does the hard work for them and helps them to stay as lazy as possible.

So, this website will:

  • Allow you to show your annoyance and displeasure to others.
  • It is a sarcastic website that hopefully teaches people about the power of Google.
  • You type in the desired search, then copy the shortened link that appears and share that with the other person.
  • They then see a Google page with their search being typed in and the results will then appear.

In other words, it is a search engine with a slight twist, but of course there would not be a need for it in the first place if people realized that Google is indeed their friend in times of need. So, the next time you are sitting wondering about something, ask Google before anybody else as it will stop you from getting this sarcastic reply.