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WhatsApp Download 2.12.96 APK For Android – Bug Fixes And Visual Changes


WhatsApp’s developers took their weekend off, because no new update was released in the past two days and on the official website, the latest version for Android is 2.12.96, which is in beta and with minor improvements for the calling feature and its interface.

More than 800 million people have installed WhatsApp on their smartphones and everyday they’re sending messages to their contacts, but part of them are also making voice calls, and Android was the first platform to receive this feature back in February. Meanwhile, the developers improved it so that there are fewer echoes or lags, but in parallel, they worked on the Material Design and brought new visual elements to attract new people to join WhatsApp.

This application works with an internet connection, which means that you can connect to your local wireless network or use your data plan – but if you intend to make voice calls, you will need a big mobile internet plan, because this service eats a lot of data, around 0.15-0.20MB of 3G data, and you will run out of megabytes within minutes.

WhatsApp allows you to create group chats and invite your best friends to chat with all of them simultaneously. If you’re not in the mood to write words to describe your state of mine, you can always use stickers or emoticons, and your friends will understand when you’re bored, sad or happy. You can always switch conversations from your smartphone to your computer, using the web feature and one of these three supported browsers: Firefox, Opera or Chrome. You will need to visit and when you’ll see the QR code, you will open WhatsApp on your phone and scan the code with the device’s camera, after clicking on WhatsApp Web from Settings.

You must know that any APK file downloaded from third party sources – other websites than the Google Play, can’t be installed without enabling the Unknown Sources option, which has a box in front of it which needs to be checked. Remember that WhatsApp 2.12.96 is in beta and may have some errors, but in short time, they will be fixed. At any moment, WhatsApp could publish a new version on its website, so check it more often.

You will notice a new calling interface – without the green background containing the name of the person who calls/is called and the vibrant red background for End Calls has a new shape, more pinkish.