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WhatsApp Free Download on Mac – Install With Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone


If you’re curious to know why iMessage tops WhatsApp… here is why: Simply because you have the possibility of sending text messages from your Mac. So if you dislike sending messages and use a touchscreen device to do so, the keyboard alternative is the right option for you.

But this is not longer the case. Users can now fully benefit from using WhatsApp on their Mac. However, there is more than meets the eye. This will only function if you don’t have an iPhone handset.

The variant of WhatsApp desktop client is that type of application that enables users to keep in touch with their endeared ones using the desktop alternative. But it can actually function on other types of gizmos as well. You can also use it on Windows and Android widgets as well, but forget about tying it out on iOS.

But, for now let’s just focus on the Mac alternative. Don’t expect WhatsApp to run on Safari browser, because it won’t (even if there are rumors claiming that this kind of support will soon be implemented). However, it functions on the newest Chrome variant. The minute you initiate the WhatsApp Web client (go to their official web page) in the Chrome browser, it’s all down hill from there. The only thing is that you have to own a Blackberry, Windows Phone and of course an Android. Start by firing up the application on whichever type of device you have and then scan the QR code. You will instantly have WhatsApp downloaded in your browser.

But why doesn’t it function on iPhone devices? The answer is simple: because the scanning alternative hasn’t been added to the iPhone for WhatsApp option, not yet anyway. So, Apple devotees are out of luck because they cannot benefit from the desktop WhatsApp. But there is still hope. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope someone out there is working to fix this issue.