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10 Handy Tips For Google Hangout Users

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Google Hangouts is a great tool for conversations, and is being used by business personnel quite frequently. There are a number of features in this app which can help the users in improving their hangout experience some of which are noted below:

  1. The keyboard shortcut: just type a question mark on your keyboard for this feature to pop up. This feature can be used to mute or un-mute the microphone in between a conversation, also the web cam can be turned off easily, with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Plus, older chat conversations can also be opened during the call.
  2. Making use of commands: Did you know? You can send private messages in between a group conversation in hangouts with the use of commands. All you need to do is type /to before the name of the person to whom the personal message is addressed to. These messages are only visible to the sender and the receiver and can be demarcated because they are shaded. To check out more commands, just type /? in Google hang out to see the entire list of commands.
  3. Make use of a headset: a headset allows better conversation as it obliterates echoing and feedbacks. Using the default microphones and speaker can affect the call quality which is why it is important to use a headset for better audibility.
  4. The mute feature: it is a great feature if you are not a part of the conversation and do not need to speak. It disallows background noises and echoing, therefore improving the call quality. Using the keyboard shortcut <Ctrl> + D, or command /mute or clicking the icon in the menu of the Hangout window will help in muting the microphone.
  5. Limiting bandwidth usage: in case you are facing network problems or have slow internet connectivity, then you can easily limit the bandwidth usage by following simple steps. The user can choose anything between HD quality video conversations to just voice calls.
  1. Sharing the screen: this feature is particularly beneficial for business men as they can easily give presentations. Here is how you can do it:
  • Click on screenshare.
  • The app is located in the menu on the left side.
  • The user can choose from sharing a single window or two to show the entire screen.
  1. Making use of Google Drive: Google Drive is a great feature for group conversations. It can be accessed quite easily just by clicking on the Google drive icon in the menu which is on the left side. New documents can be created and shared with all the participants of the conversation; however, those who do not have the feature will have to make slight adjustments, after which the file can easily be shared amongst everyone.
  1. Using the calendar events to name video calls: this is a very convenient feature for those who want to join the conversation later. The user simply needs to click on the URL of the hangout invitation or just on the calendar event itself.
  1. Start video calls on the go: if you are one of those busy bees who conduct meetings from their cars while on the go, then it is advisable to install Hangout for iOS or android on your phone to stay updated. The phone should have a front camera for making calls, and the app can be installed from the app store.
  1. Adding hang out to Chrome: in case you are a chrome user, you can very easily use this feature. It is an extension which needs to be installed for the browser, after which the user can use Hangouts by clicking on its symbol on the top left corner of the screen.