Apple has opened up a new dimension in iOS 8 for the apps. Most of us are used to iOS 7 way of interacting with the iPhone but the experience in iOS 8 could be much more enhanced and simpler. The applications can now use the Notification center to provide the information or launch an action without launching the app or unlocking your device.
Apps like Reminders and stocks come up pre-loaded on iOS 8 and use this feature. However, today we would be discussing some very useful apps which use the notification center:

1. Evernote:

The same features inside apps are available from the notification center. You can quickly launch the app to create a text note, take a picture, access photos, create reminders and/or create list. You’ll have to enable the Evernote to show up in notification center by going in today’s section of notification center after you install the Evernote app.

2. Dropbox:

Dropbox is one of the best applications to share and store your files online. You can upload from any source and download or view the files at other source. Fox example you can upload your documents from a mac/pc and view on your iPhone. You can also upload all your pictures from iPhone’s camera. Now this app can enhance your experience by using the notification center and informing about the recent uploads to your account. You can also directly access the files from the notification center.

3. Kindle:

Kindle app is another great application which would allow users to quickly see the books they are reading and the progress that has been made on each of them. All you need to do is enable the kindle app by editing the notification center. It’s a great way to keep people informed and motivated for the books they are reading.

4. Quick Tap:

This is a very nice app to allow shortcuts of your favorite apps in notification centers. This app adds quick launch buttons of your favorite apps and contacts to whom you can text and call in from your notification center. This app has got the potential to change the way the users interact with iPhones. If your first menu page isn’t enough for your favorite apps, add them to notification bar using this application.

5. Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo weather comes up with a great add on to show the users the weather for their location. Just swipe down the notification center and see the weather of your location. There is no need to launch the app and look. We all love yahoo weather for beautiful background pics of your location and now there is one more reason to love it. Just enable the app in notification center.

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