Telegram, the mobile messenger app from Russia was being called the counterfeit Whatsapp because of its uncanny similarities to it. Whatever the matter is, Telegram is fast gaining popularity across the globe and is giving Whatsapp a run for its money. Here is a comparison between the two apps to decide whether one should stick to Whatsapp or make the switch. Believe it or not, people are switching from Whatsapp to other apps, Telegram is one of them. So let’s check out the similarities first.

The Similarities Between Whatsapp And Telegram

The groundwork is the same, which means that the phone number will be the form of registry to use these apps. Plus, group chatting, video and image sharing, the tick marks to denote the message being sent, everything is very similar. If one has a look at both the apps, they will notice that the look has an uncanny resemblance, making Telegram a lost Russian twin brother of Whatsapp. With so many similarities, what makes telegram different?

The Security Factor

This is a major factor which makes a difference between these two apps. And telegram wins in this department hands down. The app is much more secure as compared to Whatsapp, which means that no one can break into MTProto which happens to be the backbone of this application. The company is offering a whopping $200,000 to anyone who can break into the system. Whatsapp of the other has faced a number of attacks as well as hacks, which is a thumbs down. The verdict here is that Whatsapp’s security is not even close to the security offered by Telegram.

The Speed Factor

No one wants to be lagging behind in this super fast world and lately Whatsapp has been facing a number of speed related problems. The notifications are being delivered late, videos will time out, images will take time to be sent and the lags go on. On the other hand Telegram seems to be quite swift. It is much faster as compared to the good old Whatsapp and can send media files promptly without lags and delays.

The Self Destruct Option

As crazy as it sounds, this feature is a major USP for Telegram. The feature allows the user to send encrypted message on an end to end manner after which the message self destructs itself. This feature can be availed by going to contacts and clicking on new secret chat. Choose the person you want to send the secret message to and start “hush-hushing”.

It Is An Ad-Free App

Double thumbs for telegram as it does not have pop-ups and ads, Whatsapp too has a similar feature, but since it has been bought by Facebook (the platform which earns money through ads) you just never know when this feature might change. For the user’s information, Telegram has been designed as a non-profit organization and runs on the founder’s money, however, in case the app need money it will not charge a fee or post ads/ pop-ups, instead they will ask for donations.

You Can Use It On Your Desktop

Yes, you read it ride, Telegram has an open API and has a number of clients, which will allow users to access this instant messenger from your desktop browser which is impossible for Whatsapp which happens to be a closed system.

The Verdict

There are a number of features in Telegram, which can outdo Whatsapp, however, the one advantage which Whatsapp has is 450 million users, which means most of your friends, family and acquaintances are on it. While Telegram is bound for bringing more users on board, it is quite far from Whatsapp in this department. It depends on your discretion which of these apps you want to use, or in case your phone has larger in-built memory, then you might as well install both and see what works best for you.

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