No one likes receiving spam, regardless of whether it is sent to their email inbox, their text messages, or through their mobile apps. Marketers that use techniques that are considered spammy run the risk of having consumers ignore their messages, hurting their chances to reach these consumers in the future. Avoiding spammy mobile marketing should be a primary goal of any marketer implementing a mobile marketing campaign. Here are some tips for avoiding spammy mobile marketing that could turn off the consumers you are attempting to target with your marketing campaign.

Be Able To Identify Spammy Mobile Marketing Techniques

Spam is generally defined as unwanted content that provides the receiver with no value and wastes their time. Spammy mobile marketing techniques include push and in-app messages that are unsolicited, irrelevant and impersonal messages, and messages that are blatantly self-promotional. When users see these messages, they will typically ignore and delete them. In the worst cases, repeated spammy messages may result in the user deleting the offending app completely. Avoiding the appearance of spamming users increases customer engagement and customer retention by a considerable amount, so avoid spammy mobile marketing techniques at all costs.

Provide Mobile Marketing Content That Has Value

Consumers are more interested in mobile marketing content that provides them with some value than blatant advertisements to purchase products and services. This value could be teaching the consumer something new about the brand or demonstrating how the brand’s products or services can improve their lives. The marketing content should provide interesting information and be visibly appealing to attract the attention of today’s busy consumers. Mobile marketing content that is boring, bland, and contains absolutely zero information is simply a waste of resources for the brand.

Make Sure Your Content Is Properly Formatted For Mobile

Many marketers make the mistake of using the same marketing content for several different advertising platforms without making sure that the content is properly formatted for each one. The way that marketing content is displayed on a desktop device or laptop can be very different from the way that the content is displayed on mobile devices. If the content is not properly formatted when a consumer reaches it on their mobile device, they are not going to waste time trying to decipher it. After creating the content for your marketing campaign, review it on your mobile device to ensure that it displays correctly prior to launch.

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