There isn’t a single IM app out there that isn’t trying to surpass its predecessor. Every single application that helps users stay connected is bringing its best to the table.

“Cataloging” the device: Viber app recurs to one’s mobile number to pinpoint the device. But Skype’s strategy is to use a simple username, valid for home computers.

Prices: You don’t have to pay for initiating calls on Skype or Viber. The only time Skype charges you, is when you call a landline number or a mobile. Because Viber has been designed as a mobile application, it would be easier to use it on your actual mobile device. As for WhatsApp, we don’t know the charges that are applied when calling a landline number.

Data Usage: Skype is an app that uses up a lot of data in comparison to Viber. Besides data, Skye also drains your device of power and memory. Next in line is Viber followed by WhatsApp.

Diverse features: Skype comes packed with a lot more features than its sidekick Viber. Skype has a lot more options when it comes to settings as well as configurations and of course the service plans, which are great.

Quality: Skype is the way to go if you’re interesting in a top-notch IM app. The calling feature is off the charts (video and voice included) and this is all due to its first-class codecs. No one can run-over Skype in this area. However, WhatsApp does come first in terms of UI.

Easy and friendly apps: No one is questioning the fact the voice call feature added in Viber and Skype make these two apps the tech giants of the century. But WhatsApp is not giving up without a fair fight. Based on various reports, Viber and WhatsApp are pretty easy and friendly apps to use, even more than Skype.

The translation tool: Skype was the first app to implement VoIP. Because it also integrated a translator along with a beta variant, this permitted users to actually engage in conversation in other languages. This state of the art tool simply translates the language a user opts for and offers an immediate translation. And more languages will be added. Viber and WhatsApp are runner-ups.

Final thoughts: If you wish to engage in voice calls on your handset, choose Viber because it doesn’t use up that much data. If you rather use the computer, Skype rules in this area. But if your gizmo can take more, go ahead and use both of these apps. And once the voice call feature for WhatsApp is up and running for all devices, the latter might just take the lead.

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