Due to the efforts put forward by many application developers, we now have access to the multitude of messaging apps for our smartphones. Installing these applications is just a matter of heading over to the app stores and downloading it. As of now, three messaging apps are gaining prominence and they are (a) Viber (b) WhatsApp and (c) Skype. Please do bear in mind that each of these apps will come with their own share of benefits. However, some among them, such as Viber, tries to triumph over the competition by offering diverse features designed to make your life much simpler.

Key Differences / Unique Features of These Apps

Voice Calling – Making voice calls with Viber is a feature originally included with the app. On the other hand, WhatsApp delayed to introduce this feature. After so many trials, WhatsApp has managed to enable voice calling for most of the users. Those who are still using Windows Phones might have to wait though. An easy alternative (for the Windows Phone users) is to install Viber or Skype and start calling your friends and relatives.

File Size Limitations – Viber will allow you to send files that have a maximum size of 10 MB whereas  WhatsApp allows us to send files that are up to 12 MB in size. Skype does not come with any such restrictions; but the overall process of file transferring is not useful for large files.

Fidelity of Voice Calling – All the three messaging apps have come forward with the claim that they offer the highest quality fidelity for voice calls. However, the reviews are suggesting the true nature of the situation. Both Viber and WhatsApp will have to go a long way in order to compete with the HD-like voice quality offered by Skype.

Video Recording – All the three messaging apps will allow you to record videos. The compression techniques used by Skype are marginally better than the other two. If you are on a data plan that comes with its own share of limits, then it will be better not to use Skype. Viber is better for such situations.

Miscellaneous Features – Skype offers a handful of miscellaneous features. Apart from call recording facility, this app will come with conference calls and call forwarding. Viber developers are also working towards incorporating these advanced features into their products.

Popularity – WhatsApp is the undisputed market leader among the three. Despite entering the market quite late, Viber is steadily catching up with the competition. As per the latest statistics, there are 600 million registered users for Viber. WhatsApp has approximately 800 million registered users while Skype enjoys 300 million users.

Ease of Use – Users have reported that they have found the user interface of Skype to be somewhat difficult to use. Viber stays at the top once again with an appealing user interface designed to make it easy for both the advanced as well as the first timer users. WhatsApp also has a reasonably good simple user interface that people find easy to deal with.

Keeping in Touch With your Near And Dear Ones without Paying Through the Nose

One must never underestimate the important role played by these messaging apps during these times. The utilities provide us with an easy way to keep in touch with our loved ones without having to worry too much about spending money on SMS and calls.

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