The newly announced operating system by Google, dubbed Android M should be available sometimes by the end of this year or the beginning of the next one.

However, you can become familiar with some of the tricks and hidden features of the OS and be ready when it comes out. Here are six tips that will be useful once the Android M is on your device.

Uninstall Applications

Google has done something similar to what Samsung does with the S6. It gives the users the option to uninstall apps directly from the home screen or from the app drawer. Samsung does this to remove bloatware, as users can click Edit once they are in the applications drawer and remove any app from there. Android M makes the same thing possible. All you need to do is long press an app and you can uninstall or remove it.

Choose a Theme

In Android M, users can choose between the light and dark themes. For users with AMOLED display screen, this is a welcome addition, since dark themes are better for the battery usage on account of the screen display. Choosing the theme is limited to the Settings menu for the time being, but we expect that Google will expand its usage to the App drawer as well. To choose a theme, you need to go to Settings > Developer options > Theme and then choose whether you like, dark, light or the automatic theme.

Find Your Apps

With the new RAM management in Android M, all applications are now listed in one menu. If you like to get things back to the way they were, with tabs for Downloaded, All, Disabled and Running apps, you need to go to Settings > App and see all your apps in tabs.

Manage RAM Usage

We mentioned that Android M comes with a new RAM management feature and it is a huge part of the eco system. You can now control much more than in the previous Android operating systems. To see all your apps that are hogging the RAM, go to Settings > Apps > Overflow Menu > Advanced > Memory and there you will see all the apps. You can tap any application to get more info and detailed information.

Battery Power Saving Mode

Before Android M, once you choose the battery saving mode, all your apps are now optimized to preserve power. In essence, you are left with just the basic apps for calls, messages and email. However, Android M gives you more power to manage things. You can go to Settings > Battery and then click on the overflow menu located in the top right corner. Choose the option “Ignore Optimization” and select three apps that you want to be excluded in battery saving mode.

Google Now

While many will talk about that Google Now is available on tap, even better feature of the new Android M OS is the option to start Google Now from the lock screen. What was previously dialer shortcut on the lock screen, it is now a shortcut for Google Now.

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