Android M, developed by Google, is the next descendent of the Android family and this was announced in the Google I/O 2015.

Android M is going to hit the Android phones with great new and cool features and here we have listed down the top five features.

Doze Off The Less Often Used Apps

Google tries to improve the battery life of Android smartphones with the release of its new OS, Android M. Doze introduced in Android M is the new feature that helps in reducing the battery consumption by the installed apps. The phone is put in low power mode, saving battery power, if it is idle for long time. The idle time is automatically sensed by the motion sensors in the phone.

Modified UI

Google has revamped the App menu with new enhancements in its UI with a new look. The Google’s new Android M sorts your apps alphabetically and lets you navigate within the app drawer scrolling vertically unlike its previous versions where you had to scroll horizontally.

One Step Share Menu

The Share menu in Android M has been greatly improved with an intelligent feature. This lets you share images and videos with the frequently shared people and applications which are automatically identified based on the usage. The Share menu changes the frequently shared people and applications based on whom and where you share more often.

You Control App Permissions

Scared of what the applications from Google Play will do with your private data like location, etc.? Retire your worries. With the release of Android M, now you can grant or deny the applications, the permissions to use your private data. The permission required has been classified into different categories making it easier for the user to take control of the applications and the data. The permissions for the applications can be managed under the ‘Settings’.

Android M Boosts Support for External SD Cards

Android M largely modifies the way the SD cards were used in the previous versions of Android OS. The Google’s new OS treats the external storage as a part of the internal memory with its new technology. Manual transfer of applications to the external storage like the SD card, are no more required to save space in the internal storage. The data is encrypted using the Android M technology and is stored in the SD card for its access. This will definitely put down the sales of the Android phones without the ability for external storage.

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