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Candy Crush Saga Mod APK Download – Unique Features and Improvements


If you love playing match-three puzzle video games, then you’re addicted to Candy Crush Saga, which was launched in 2012, being created by King. The game can be installed on mobile devices running on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and it requires Adobe Flash to run on Facebook. Until 2013, FarmVille 2 was the most popular game on the social platform, but one year later after its launch, Candy Crush Saga already had 6.7 million monthly users and its popularity exploded in the meantime. The new [Mod] APK of Candy Crush Saga is for Android and has new levels and bug fixes.

From time to time, the developers are updating this game and they add new episodes and playable levels which firstly appear on Facebook, then on Android and the rest of platforms. The game had episodes with 15 levels each, of which only the first two episodes had ten levels. In November 2013, the developers added the “Dreamworld” so that the gamers were able to replay older levels, but by approaching a new mechanism. Currently, the Facebook edition offers 900 levels and 665 “Dreamworld” levels and every two weeks, new levels are added.

In Candy Crush Saga you will have a different level with a unique game board filled with all kinds of colored candies (red jelly bean, yellow lemon drop, purple cluster, blue lollipop head, orange lozenge and green chiclets) and/or obstacles. You will swap the positions of two adjacent candies, moving them horizontally or vertically to create a set of three or four candies representing the same color. Once you do that, the matched candies will be cleared and you will reach a certain score, then you’ll advance to a new level. To make these levels more difficult, the developers added blocks (meringue, chocolate, liquorice swirls, bombs etc).

To install this game on an Android device, you must have at least version 2.3 and a lot of free time to play Candy Crush Saga, which we assure you that it’s very addictive. As we were saying in the introduction, the new version comes with bug fixes and additional levels, but we’ll let you try passing them. The new version can be downloaded from the internet and you must enable the Unknown Sources option from Settings.