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Communicating With Your Loved Ones Using Messenger Apps

Messaging applications have managed to alter the ways with the help of which we used to communicate with our near and dear ones. Most of them are available for the smartphones that run popular mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Even all those who stick with their old Nokia phones can download and install popular messaging app such as Viber. Now, there are many messaging apps out on the marketplace. Why would you install and use Viber? It is not possible to answer this question that easily. However, we will consider some of the features that make this app unique.

Photo Doodling And Other Features

Some interesting features offered along with the app include

  • Photo Doodling – Doodling any photo that is present on your smartphone or desktop computer is easy with the help of Viber. It simply does not matter whether you have received the photo from the others or you have taken the photos on your smartphone. Doodling the photos is easy and you must follow these steps. While viewing the photo, just tap on the Navicon, and it should bring you the option to doodle the same. Start playing around with the eraser and add color to your photo easily.
  • Conversations’ Gallery –All those who spend lots of time using Viber will end up getting many messages and photos from their contacts. What would you do, if you wanted to find a specific photo or video? Going through all the chat history can be time consuming. Here is the tip that will allow you to find photos and videos easily. Swipe the app interface to the left side of the screen. Select Conversations Gallery and then you can swipe right / left to switch between the photos / videos. Not many people are aware of this simple and practical way.
  • Use Viber On Multiple Devices –This feature was absent in some of the popular messaging applications until Viber decided to introduce the same. Connecting to your friends and other contact from two devices at the same time will offer copious amounts of flexibility to the users. Start using the app on your smartphone and desktop computer at the same time. All you will have to do is the following – soon after installing Viber on to the second device, wait for the authentication code to appear on the first device. Just enter the code displayed and you are good to go.
  • Use Customized Backgrounds –Those who use Viber frequently are going to feel bored with the dull background of the conversation windows. The developer of this app gives us an option to change this background. Go to Settings >> Default background and over there you will find a great selection of backgrounds. Do not forget to add pictures from the Gallery too.
  • Push To Talk – Similar to the walkie-talkies, this feature will help you to communicate with friends in a much easier manner. Press and hold the microphone Navicon (it is present in the right side of the conversation window). The Hold & Talk Mode will appear and this mode will allow the messages to play / stream in a real time manner. Due to certain restrictions, the microphone Navicon might not appear on all the phones. Software / hardware restrictions appear to be the primary reason for such a behavior. The app will deliver recorded messages to the other party, if their phone does not have the Hold & Talk Mode.



As you can see, Viber is not the conventional run-of-the-mill messaging app. It comes with features that will put the other messaging apps to shame. Do keep us updated with your experiences while using it.