Is your annual WhatsApp subscription going to expire and you are looking out for better alternatives? Fret not, here are a few apps which work as good as WhatsApp and will not charge you for their services.

  1. Viber: Through this service not only will you be able to send free messages, but you can make free calls as well. There are a number of Viber users, so you will not have a hard time finding your friends and acquaintances in this platform. The best part is that you can make international calls for practically free while conversing freely via free messages. You can make use of bold and colorful stickers to spice your conversations.
  1. LINE: The Japan based free messaging application is fast gaining popularity. All you have to do is register your phone number in the databases of this app and you will be good to go. LINE also offers free calls, which is an added advantage. Users can also use a PC version of this app and chat away from their desktops.
  1. KakaoTalk: This app is becoming very popular because of its many features; the registration process is much like Whatsapp, as the users will have to enter a four-digit code after feeding their number in the databases. With the code registered, the users can simply make use of this application to strike virtual-textual conversations. It works a lot like Whatsapp and syncs all the contacts which use this particular app.
  1. Facebook Messenger: this is an amazing alternative to Whatsapp as you can find a huge number of users in Facebook than Whatsapp, which makes it easy to spot friends and acquaintance. You do not need to feed your number on this app, instead using your Facebook, e-mail id or username along with the password will suffice.
  1. Skype: this is a nice tool for contacting your loved ones via text messaging and video calling. What is the need for typing so much when you can conduct a video call with the press of a button. The only disadvantage of this app is that you will not be able to have video conversations if your phone does not have a front camera.
  1. Kik Messenger: Kik is a great platform to contact friends and family. Instead of your phone number, you will need a username by means of which you can access this app. You can conduct group chats and make use of voice clips as well as stickers to spice the conversation.
  1. WeChat: WeChat is a famous instant messaging app and is particularly a hit with the younger crowd. There are a number of features which are quite unique and will allow users to meet and greet new people. You will require a username for this purpose after which a code will be sent to your number. With that done, you will be able to use the app without any hassles.
  1. Tango: This is an amazing app with a plethora of features to improve your conversations. If you happen to be an avid user of video chats, then this is the one you need to install. The games are very popular and are an added USP of this user-friendly application.
  1. Hike: Hike is a great application if you happen to be a sticker and emoji lover. The application has an amazing set of stickers which can be used to add some zing to the textual conversations. It is a lot of fun to exchange stickers instead of written messages.
  1. Telegram: This application is a Russian replica of WhatsApp, if you install this one, you will never miss WhatsApp.

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