The GoPro HERO3+ Silver camera is being used by tons of passionate photographers.

With the availability of a newer version, the GoPro HERO4 Silver, users are confused whether they should stay or upgrade. As the company has made remarkable efforts to offer effective and improved features in the latest model, here are some reasons to upgrade your camera!

LCD Screen

The HERO4 Silver gives you a surprising edge over the screen of its predecessor. HERO4, being the first GoPro camera with in-built LCD screen with touch functionality, is a remarkable offering for the loyal GoPro camera lovers. The presence of LCD screen enables the users to witness the live view of a photo or video while shooting. In addition to this, it allows the users to playback videos to check the quality of a captured clip. Moreover, a user can operate this camera using the menu controls option displayed in its LCD screen.

On the contrary, the HERO3+ Silver is a common member of the GoPro HERO family, with no in-built screen. Photographers have to trust its wide-angle lens and click a snap after pointing the camera towards an appropriate direction. As an in-built screen is not offered in this camera, a user cannot review an image or a video.

However, both the cameras support wireless phone or tablet view. In simple words, a user can view photos and videos on his/her smartphone or tablet by installing the GoPro app. This is an additional wireless feature available in both the models.

Powerful Video Mode

The quality of videos captured by both the cameras is remarkable. Clarity is maintained by the two GoPro cameras in all videos, irrespective of lighting options. However, HERO4 offers an edge over its predecessor with its maximum shoot up capacity of 4K, in comparison to HERO3+’s 1080p. Therefore, the newer version is way ahead of the HERO3+ in terms of video mode.

Additional Features

Being members of the GoPro family, the two HERO cameras share some features. This involves availability of timelapse stills and night-time shooting. However, there is a slight difference as the newer version of the GoPro Silver camera provides 12 MP in night-time shooting, in comparison to HERO3+’s 10 MP. Apart from this, the HERO4 Silver adds Protune feature to the captured files; which is not available in its predecessor.

The newer version of GoPro camera costs just $100 more than its predecessor that costs $299.99. With the presence of more powerful features and in-built LCD screen, the users have considerable reasons to ditch their HERO3+ Silver!

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