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Microsoft Supports PC Gaming Show at E3 2015, Halo on PC is a Possibility


Microsoft has a huge presence during E3 2015 because they have back to back announcements to make about games coming to Xbox One. But, the company is not going to stop there.

A surprise announcement came from the company when they confirmed that they are going to co-sponsor the PC gaming show hosted by PC Gamer and AMD. When it was confirmed that a PC centric show is coming to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, many players who love the platform were surprised and assumed it could be a joke. After all, talking about titles on Windows PC has never been considered fashionable because console gaming rules in these sectors. But, things are changing and it is happening for real.

Over a Dozen Publishers

At least a dozen publishers have already signed up for the PC Gaming Show which will take place after the main event at E3 2015. It will have Microsoft hosting their own games and making some announcements as well. The company is really excited and talking about the event, Phil Spencer said that Xbox is their primary gaming division, but computers have always been a platform the developers love.

After all, every AAA title is made on the platform and Microsoft believes that by unifying the experience between PC and Xbox One, they could create a much powerful platform for the feature. It enables cross platform play, allows the players to buy a game on one and own it on everything else, besides the power to mod among others on a PC.

Halo PC is a Possibility

When questioned about the return of Halo to PC, Phil Spencer said it is a celebrated Xbox exclusive that doesn’t stop them from bringing it to Windows computers. Halo 2 and Combat Evolved is already available. There is even Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike which creates a strong possibility for the series to come to PC again. It may definitely not be Halo 5 Guardians but the entire Master Chief Collection could come to Windows platform if Spencer really means what he said during the interview.

There are a couple of multi-platform games which have been scheduled to be announced during E3 2015. Out of them, Gigantic is one such and there is also Fable Legends which is coming to PC. It is going to be one exciting E3 expo like never before for both PC and console gamers alike. You can watch the event live when it kick starts on June 14.