When rumors sprung out of nowhere claiming that Nintendo is going to launch a new NX console, which will run on the Android operating system, the entire gaming community was shocked.

Many assumed that gaming will soon be a hobby of the past, because platforms like Android or iOS were never meant for console quality titles. They have already done enough damage by trying to bring it to the masses. Most games that you find on smartphones and tablets will ask you to pay money for every action, every hat and accessory. It is never free to play, but rather pay to play every second, unlike console and PC gaming industry. Gamers get annoyed even when DLCs are sold for $60 on these platforms, which might change if Nintendo goes this way.

Nintendo is not Dead

Thankfully, an official from Nintendo confirmed that the company has no plans to go with an Android console. NX is the codename for the device which is not Android at all. The news comes as a saving grace because if they ever travel this path, Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda would soon be dead. Wii U would be the last console in the series that may end up being sold for thousands of dollars as it will no longer be available for official purchase.

The company did sign up a deal with a company named DeNA who primarily focuses on mobile gaming. The ideas is to bring Mario among other first party titles to smartphones and tablets. Nintendo made this announcement earlier and continues to stick with it. They plan to release just six games in the next two years because the team believes it is more about quality and the titles they launch will never be similar to the ones that are available on Android.

Exclusives are Rolling In

After a bad start, Nintendo Wii U console is slowly picking up with some great exclusive games. Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 played an integral role in making sure every gamer wanted to buy the Wii U. A new Zelda game is coming soon and the recently launched multiplayer shooter Splatoon is equally interesting, which makes it worth buying the console. Sony and Microsoft are competing on a different level, but those consoles still lack must have exclusives. It looks like consoles can never survive without first party games made exclusively for each platform and its audience.

Technology Nintendo NX Console is Not Android Based, More Expected at E3 2015