Konami is ready to launch their next Pro Evolution Soccer with lots of new features, better graphics and maybe female players.

Electronic Arts announced that FIFA 16 will feature female football players and it is to be seen if Konami has noticed it.

PES 2016 has been scheduled for a worldwide grand reveal on June 12th. The game is going to be yet another football title from Konami which will focus on simulation and strong gameplay aspects, whereas FIFA will continue to be focused on presentation and graphics, among other glossy factors. The company didn’t discuss about any details in-depth but when the reveal takes place, it is expected that the developers will reveal some interesting details about the game on the social media channels.

Coming to Multiple Platforms

Even though, Konami didn’t confirm the information, PES 2016 will probably launch on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles as well. It is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, obviously, but when it comes to sports games, they take a long time to completely abandon previous generation consoles. FIFA 14 got launched in 2013 on the Playstation 2 console based on which you can assume how long these titles continue to support outdated consoles.

It is mainly possible because they don’t drastically jump in terms of graphics but the game play keeps changing every year. Developers have been working hard to make the game better and they continue to experiment with different possible moves. Each year there is something new which either players love or detest. Compared to the past, the newer versions of the soccer games aren’t so great in terms of improvement. It would be much better if developers could skip yearly releases and focus on better quality.

PES 2016 vs FIFA 16

The comparison continues between FIFA 16 and PES 2016, even though both games offer a similar football experience. If you are looking for stylish presentation combined with a great player rooster and amazing ultimate player mode, FIFA by Electronic Arts is the best bet. Konami on the other hand is a favorite among the PC gamers around the globe, especially in Europe, Brazil among other regions where they love to enjoy simulated football, which is the best way to experience sports titles. Konami has been removing some of their yearly series due to lack of sales, but some, including the Pro Evolution Soccer, have been going strong for a long time now.

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