It wasn’t so long ago that calling long distance to friends and family wasn’t possible for free. Advances in technology have bridged this gap to make calling your friends online for free much easier. There are many ways to call a friend for free, no matter where they are located, and it’s all thanks to Voice Over IP.

Voice over IP or VOIP has revolutionized the way in which the world can call each other, free of the high cost of international telecommunications. Where once walls stood between countries you wanted to call for free, the rapid growth of voice communications over the Internet have torn these walls down.

When you want to make a free international phone call, there’s many applications and services you can employ. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most popular ways to call online for free, try any of them out below to call your friend today.

Direct Calling Apps

Many popular mobile phone applications use the VOIP protocol to connect you to anyone around the world, real time. Such applications as Kakao and Chat2Talk are free and only require a valid email address for you to download and quickly get connected.

Other applications are built on more than the simple calling application, with many that are based on video chat or video phone calls. Programs like Call2Friends or Friendcaller use lightweight Internet protocols to put you face to face with your loved one, no matter where in the world they are.

Services such as Localphone also operate on their own dedicated network which can boost reliability and sound quality. Other such services like Vonage or Netzero require a calling plan or a monthly fee to maintain their dedicated networks.

Video Conference Apps

Originally designed for businesses and large corporations, there are many whiteboard style video applications that can connect families and friends around the world. With lots of added features such as a freestyle whiteboard session or real time document and text sharing, video conferencing is another way to call your friend for free worldwide.
Oovoo and Tango are just two ways for you to connect not just your friend, but your entire family or a group of friends quickly through webchat.

Mobile devices and tablets are quickly becoming the media device of choice, and the cache of free communications programs available are highlighting this very fact.

If you have loved ones in distant lands, make sure to check out these free applications that can connect you for free.

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