The LG G4 is finally on the market and even on its presentation, LG tried to show why its phone is better than rival handsets on the market.

It has become a common strategy for manufacturers to criticize others on the presentation. Here are five reasons, why the LG G4 is the better option than the Samsung Galaxy S6.


Instantly after Samsung made a debut with the best rear camera on the market with the Galaxy S6, LG took things a step further. The G4 has f/1.8 aperture lens, which is slightly wider than the f/1.9 found in the S6. The extra wide angle allows for more light. In reality, there should be no dramatic difference, but LG claims otherwise. Another advantage of the G4 is the optical image stabilization, which is now a 3 axis, much better than the 2 axis optical image stabilization of the S6.

Removable Battery

The LG G4 is the only Android flagship in 2015 to feature a removable battery. The Samsung Galaxy S6, for example, doesn’t have this option. Samsung decided to sacrifice functionality over design, but LG believes that the few millimeters in the thickness department are worth adding a removable rear case. A removable battery helps you survive the day even with a massive usage of your smartphone, as you can just switch the battery at any point of the day.

microSD Card Slot

Given the fact that the LG G4 allows the users to capture photos in RAW mode, the company had to give them space to store all those large files. RAW files take double the amount of space as normal photos, and without a microSD card slot and external storage, it is likely that your photos will eat up all your internal memory very fast. The S6 doesn’t support a microSD card slot and it is likely that most users will opt for the entry 32 GB model. Once Samsung adds RAW images with the next update, it will be an issue of how the users can store their images. The LG G4 doesn’t have that problem.


The G4 still uses the QHD technology for its display, but it has now improved. The display of the LG G4 comes with a new IPS LCD technology, which LG claims, helps with brightness and color accuracy of the screen display. According to LG, the new display will provide 25% brighter screen and the contrast is improved by 50%.

The Unique Factor

If you are one of those people who simply want to be unique in everything, you cannot go wrong with the LG G4. While competitors are focusing on the all metal design, (HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 Plus), LG is taking a different route. The G4 features high quality leather back with stitches on it. The design is truly unique, helping you stand out in the crowd with it.

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