If you are a person who uses Skype everyday, you probably noticed that in the last days, the application has been crashing very often. It seems that this issue was also noticed by both the PC users and mobile users.

In order to fix them, Skype’s developers have rolled out an urgent update in less than 24 hours that fixed all the crash loops.

Venture Beat reported that the Skype users found that while sending “http://:” (a very common used character on the internet) to someone on Skype, the Skype client was crashing on the device of the person who was receiving the message. This crash was reported on Windows, Android and iOS devices and it can be quite annoying. However, the ones who are using modern Windows or Mac are not affected by this bug.

Skype’s developers got information about the bug and they’ve released an urgent fix for this problem. They’ve also notified the users, saying that they are aware of the problem that is causing the Skype application to crash and they have already released a fix that will resolve this problem.

However, even before Skype released the fix, some community members found a way to fix this problem. They’ve just deleted the bad URL from the sender’s chat history and installed an older version of Skype. However, this fix was limited to the Windows Users, since the Android and iOS users were not able to get an older Skype version on their mobile devices.

However, Skype has released a simple fix, so you don’t have to worry about this anymore. To fix your Skype issues, just download the latest Skype version from the official website (skype.com). In case you are using Skype on your Android or iOS, just update the Skype application to the latest version directly from the official store.

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