Even though the Apple Watch is by far the best smartwatch available today, many still remain skeptical of its worthiness.

There are people who are asking themselves questions like “What should I do with this elegant smartphone accessory?” Well, one thing you can do with it is run apps. However, this requires an iPhone, which already has thousands of apps you can install. In this regard, it means you only need to install the most useful apps for your Apple Watch.

In this article you will come across a number of applications that have been put to test by our team of experts. These apps have been determined to be essential for the existence of the Apple Watch or rather they make it a more useful device than you would think of. As time goes by, the app library for the Apple Watch will definitely get bigger and better. However, the currently available list is just an indicator of the direction this app library is headed.


Evernote is also freely available in the iTunes App Store and it has constantly been receiving constant praise thanks to its amazing abilities when it comes to note-taking. The Apple Watch version is no different and it provides the same note-taking features for all users. You must, however, sync the app to an account before being able to access all of your notes on the Apple Watch via the cloud. The watch detects voice commands, which means that you can still create new notes by dictation. Evernote will transcribe the message accurately and almost immediately.


Calcbot is a free to download app available on iTunes App Store. As the name suggests, this application is a calculator meant for your wrist. To add extra convenience to the app there is a unit converter as well as a tip calculator. Using the force touch menu system, it is possible to expand the options without cluttering the small screen of your Apple Watch.

Even though Calcbot is not a fancy scientific calculator, it will offer you with the easiest and quickest way of solving all your math problems.


Pacemaker is a free to download and install app that offers a pretty much handsome alternative to hiring a DJ to come and juggle the beats for you. Using Pacemaker, users can analyze playlists on the device or Spotify and string them together into a flawless track. Even though the transitions might not be that smooth, the app is amazing when it comes to syncing tempos across very different selections.

There is little difference between the features you get on the Apple Watch app and that for smartphones. It is easy to manage playlists as well as switch between songs. You can just control music at your party using this app on your Apple Watch.


Another free app available on the iTunes App Store is Epicuriousand it is a cooking app meant to give users of the Apple Watch a precious reference to look at when cooking. Even though this smart watch version is nothing compared to the full version of the app, the small screen available is something of a let-down to the performance of this app. One example is the difficulty in scrolling through recipes. However, the app is much smarter than you think.

All you need is to do is enter the name of the meal and the app will provide you with details of how long the meal will take to be ready. Furthermore, the app offers more cooking tips such as the appearance of the meal once ready. This app is an amazing way of ensuring you eat well-cooked food as well as avoid burning down your own home.

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