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Best 4 Free Apple Watch Games for Download from iTunes App Store


You might as well be walking around with one of the most powerful gaming devices around your wrist in the shape of the Apple Watch, but as it seems, a lot is still to be done in order to get the most out of this gaming platform.

This fancy watch has lots of capabilities and only a few have been discovered as of now. However, as time goes by, more and more features keep making their way to the limelight, making this expensive device much more useful than just as a wrist watch. As you all may be aware now, the Apple Watch needs an iPhone in order to work with third party apps. There are quite a number of applications that are compatible with this watch and among them are very interesting gaming franchises. Even though the screen of the Apple Watch might be large enough for displaying the time, the gaming space you get on this device is not welcoming.

As it stands, developers are yet to come out with the best parameters regarding this gaming platform, something that is really affecting the games’ performances on the Apple Watch. However, as time flies by, things will change and these games will be fun to play on the Apple Watch just like they are when using a tablet or a smartphone. Better still, there are already some ambitious developers who have already developed games that can be played on the Apple Watch and here is a list of the best 5 free Apple Watch games you can download and play on your watch right now.


BoxPop is a free puzzle game that makes its rules and visuals as big as possible in order to get the most out of this small screen. The game is about popping boxes that fill the watch screen in the right order, ending up with an L-shaped pattern. If you are after a puzzle game that demands some real brain power, look no further than BoxPop.


Just like BoxPop, this Letterpad game can associate its success to its modest ambitions. This game is a simple word game that offers one of the best ways of killing time while staring at your Apple Watch. The game must first of all be launched on your iPhone before using the watch to solve the available puzzles. There is a clue for every puzzle and gamers must spell the solution with the help of the available 9 letters.

Letterpad is a fun game, but it’s not the perfect Apple Watch game there is as this version offers less functionality than the mobile platform.


This is an incremental gaming platform where players embark on a fantasy quest where they cut down monsters. A simple tap on a monster will destroy it and in turn provide dough for getting stronger tapping abilities. One issue with Runeblade is that it does not hold up for long sessions. It offers users with a taste of old-fashioned role playing games.


Toby is a free game available in the iTunes App Store. Toby is a little pet or rather cartoon-like dog that is full of personality and affection for its master. You will love the way the dog moves from the screen of the iPhone to the Apple Watch, taking advantage of the unique inputs of the Apple Watch. Toby is smart enough to differentiate between a forceful tap and light petting and in the end bring up menus for grooming and feeding.

Hopefully, other game developers will be able to take advantage of these Apple Watch controls when designing their future games, just like Toby does.